Our Net Zero Commitments

As a British manufacturer, we understand the importance of our commitment to Net Zero. That’s why we aim to reach Net Zero Scope 1, 2 and 3 (excluding materials) by 2042.
As materials currently comprise 84.96% of our total emissions, we’re committed to sourcing more sustainable materials and supporting our supply partners in achieving Net Zero Scope 3 material-related emissions by 2047. This includes both Flexiform Business Furniture Ltd and sister company Asgard Secure Steel Storage, all statistics are inclusive of both brands’ operations. 

We’ve been monitoring our Scope 1 and 2 emissions for decades, working to improve and reduce our emissions per manufactured turnover with tremendous success (find out more here). 

Our Net Zero Targets

Net Zero Goal
Excluding Materials

Net Zero Goal
Including Supply Chain

36% Reduction
by 2027 compared to
2006 Baseline

Our Current Carbon Footprint

900 tonnes CO2e
Scope 1, 2023

723 tonnes CO2e
Scope 2, 2023

8393 tonnes CO2e
Scope 3, Inclusive of Materials, 2023

Baseline Statistics: 2006. Statistics are inclusive of the whole business, including all UK sites and Asgard Secure Steel Storage, and independently calculated by Eco3.

Carbon Reducing Projects – Our Roadmap

20222Phase 1 Solar Panel. 100kwh P/A. Predicted saving: 18 CO2 tonne.Completed
2022 2Increase Bradford factory renewable energy to 50% renewable (from 27% in 2022). Predicted saving: 75 CO2 tonne.Completed
2022 Actual Total Reduction: 177 co2 tonnes (compared 2006 baseline)
20231 & 2Replace Material Handling Equipment from Gas to Electric. Predicted saving: 1 CO2 tonne. Predicted additional electricity use: -2 co2 tonne. (Note, set up for future projects to address renewable energy)Completed
20231 & 2Reducing Vehicle count from 7 to 5 (82k km pa reduction). Predicted saving: 130 CO2 tonne.Completed
20231Shift work alterations. Predicted saving: 155 CO2 tonne.Completed
20232Phase 2 Solar Panel. 225kwh P/A. Predicted saving: 40 CO2 tonne.Completed
20233Introduction of environmentally sustainable office desk (Meira)Completed
2023 Actual Total Reduction: 506 co2 tonnes.
20243Waste segregation improvement. Predicted saving: 10 CO2 tonne.Completed
20243Introduction of 100% recycled chair (Papillon)Completed
2023-20261Company car vehicle policy is set to electric only for all new replacements. Predicted saving: 5 CO2 tonne.Actioned/Due for completion 2026
2100% Renewable Energy for all remote sites. Predicted saving: 5 CO2 tonne. Actioned/Pending
20253Public transport for all business travel. Predicted saving: 14 CO2 tonne. Pending
20253Car sharing initiatives. Predicted saving: 7 CO2 tonne. Predicted saving: 12 CO2 tonne.Pending
20271Replace Gas heating with Heat Source technology (or electric)Pending
2Increase Bradford factory renewable energy to 70% renewable. Predicted saving: 110 CO2 tonne.Planned
2028-20323Source Logistics companies that use 100% EV for transport. Predicted saving: 190 CO2 tonne.Pending
1Replace gas stoving ovens with Hybrid ovens. Predicted saving: 357 CO2 tonne. (Note, negative effect on electricity use – potential -145 subject to renewable energy)Pending
1Fully Electric ICE Vans and Commercials (10-year infrastructure). Predicted saving: 208 CO2 tonne.Pending
2Increase Bradford factory’s renewable energy to 100% renewable. Predicted saving: 175 CO2 tonne.Pending
1Fully Electric Stoving ovens (100% Reduction) Project instead of Hybrid ovens. Predicted saving: 296 CO2 tonne.Pending