Ferro Desking

Ferro Desking with Ferro Pedestal Storage
Ferro Desking

Our Ferro office desking ranges work together to create a versatile range of desking solutions throughout the office. Our Ferro desking range is available in single, side-to-side or back-to-back configurations, while our Ferro modular desking & storage range gives the option of integrating storage and creating unique configurations.

Ferro has a distinctive unique style and finish which utilises the raw aesthetic detail of the materials, emphasising the beauty of the manufacturing process to create a visually striking desking range. Both ranges feature Ferro’s unique clear coat lacquer and high pressure laminate textured worktops creating a warmth feel to the range. The Ferro desking ranges also consist of a comprehensive cable management system, sliding desktops to access the cable trays and a choice of goalpost legs and rectangular loop leg.

“Ferro desks combine a unique and industrial style with the functionality and practicalities of traditional office desks”
Chris Raby, In-House Product Designer & Engineer

Ferro Pico Desk
Ferro Industrial Style Office Desking and Storage

Ferro Desking (Above)
Ferro desking is a flexible complete office desk system based on a shared components across the range. By single desks, side-to-side desks and back-to-back desks sharing frameworks, entire buildings can be fitted efficiently and adapted over time as clients needs change. All desks feature a comprehensive wire management system with sliding worktops, integrated cable trays and cables towers, designed to take wiring from floor grommet to desktop discreetly, yet retaining full access. Ferro joins together the functionality of office desking with a unique industrial style.

Ferro Desking and Storage (Left)
The Ferro desking and storage series are designed to be constructed like building blocks creating bespoke configurations to suit each space. This range allows the designer to get creative, bringing in single, side-to-side, back-to-back configurations combined with varying height and style of storage. The storage units are available with hinged door compartments, side filer storage, pass-throughs, boxes and flipper storage all combined into one neat unit and accessible from different sides of the unit (if desired!). The Ferro manufacturing process has been developed with graffiti inspired hand-grinded textured accents on the inside of the storage pass-through. Ferro desking and storage has a comprehensive and adaptable cable management system, with cables been able to feed up and across multiple units and cable towers.

Ferro Desking Range & Configurations

Ferro Desking Range and Configurations