Hoop Movable Planter, Bookcase & Coat Rail

A multi-functional mobile bookcase, office coat rail and movable planter on wheels

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Agile office design - mobile planter on wheels for offices

Hoop Mobile Planter, Bookcase & Coat Rail

Designed to divide workspaces in style, the Hoop mobile planter, bookcase and coat rail can offer movable storage anywhere in the office. Do your plants need a boost of light? – Not a problem, wheel it to the window! Have you got VIP guests? Pull the coat rail into the meeting room for an elegant coat and bag storage solution. With lockable castors and comfortable strap handles, these movable planters and storage are easy to relocate across the office. 

Hoop is available in 4 configurations; a 4-tiered movable planter, and a low storage cupboard with 2 tiers of plants, 2 bookshelves or a coatrail above. Perfect for any agile working office, Hoop is available in 7 contemporary colours, 5 MFCs and two easy-to-use handles to compliment any office interior.

Hoop mobile bookcase

Key Features

Product Specification


  • Decorative mobile planter, bookcase or coat rail to divide spaces.
  • 4 configurations are available.
  • Mild steel frame with crossbar feet and 4 locking castors for stability. 
  • Brown strap handles on both sides of the frame. 
  • Large range of on-trend finishes.
  • UK designed and manufactured.
  • Matching AV media unit, portable whiteboard and pinboard are available here.


  • HO-06: Mobile bookshelf with 2 shelves and low storage cupboard.
  • HO-09: Mobile coatrail with 5 coat hangers and low storage cupboard.
  • HO-07: Movable planter with 4 tiers.
  • HO-08: Mobile planter with 2 tiers of plants and a low storage cupboard.



  • Overall Width: 1200mm
  • Overall Depth: 582mm
  • Overall Height: 1897mm 
  • Panel thickness: 120mm


  • Based on HO-05 Unit.
  • Recycled Content: 70.35%
  • Recyclable Content: 100%



  • Frame: Black, white, silver, reed green, pale green, salmon pink or clear coat lacquer.
  • MFC: Hamilton oak, sorano oak, carbon grey, white, black.



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  • mobile coat rail for offices

    Hoop Mobile Coat Rail (HO-09)

    Mobile Planter Wall

    Hoop Mobile Planter Wall (HO-07)

    Movable office planter

    Hoop Mobile Planter Wall & Storage Cupboard (HO-08)

    mobile bookcase and storage cupboard

    Hoop Movable Bookcase and Storage Cupboard (HO-06)

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    Hoop Agile Media Units

    Hoop AV Stand & Mobile Office Planter at London Showroom

    Hoop mobile planters

    Hoop Castor Detail

    Hoop Strap Handle - mobile office planter

    Hoop Handle Detail

    Hoop office planters on wheels

    Hoop Mobile Planter & Storage Cupboard (HO-08)

    Hoop mobile planter and whiteboard

    Hoop Mobile Planter and Whiteboard

    Hoop mobile whiteboard

    Hoop Mobile Whiteboard with Pen Tray [Detail]

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    Hoop Mobile Coat Stand Datasheet

    Flexiform PDF Product Datasheet Download

    Hoop Mobile Planter Wall Datasheet

    Flexiform PDF Product Datasheet Download

    Hoop Movable Bookcase Datasheet

  • White Steel

    Ral 9016

    Flexiform Code: WHM

    Silver Steel

    RAL 9006

    Flexiform Code: JOM

    Black Steel

    Ral 7021

    Flexiform Code: BLM

    Pale Green Steel

    RAL 6021

    Flexiform Code: GCM

    Reed Green Steel

    Ral 6013

    Flexiform Code: GRM

    Salmon Pink Steel

    RAL 3022

    Flexiform Code: PSM

    Clear coat lacquer industrial finish

    Clear Coat Steel

    Flexiform Code: CCG

    White MFC and Laminate Finish

    White MFC

    W1001 ST9

    Flexiform Code: WH

    Carbon Grey Hoop MFC

    Carbon Grey MFC

    U968 ST9

    Flexiform Code: GR

    Jet Black

    Black MFC


    Flexiform Code: BK

    Sorano Oak MFC

    Sorano Oak MFC


    Flexiform Code: SO

    Hamilton Oak - Office Furniture Finishes

    Natural Hamilton Oak MFC

    H3303 ST10

    Flexiform Code: OA