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Space Planning is an essential part of the workplace design process, able to transform a hypothetical project into a workable reality. Badly laid out offices can not only cost more money to run, but also lower staff morale and hurt productivity. At Flexiform, we know the importance of good office layouts, and our complete space planning service offers numerous workplace benefits.

Ultimately space planning is about maximising efficiency, and we understand how to get the most out of any working space. Our teams of space planners can completely reconfigure your office layout to make the mostof the available space. This can include housing more staff, adding breakout areas, flexible working spaces, or simply creating a more efficient and user-friendly workspace. By placing appropriate departments together, communication amongst staff is improved – meaning an increase in productivity, whilst saving money. Flexiform’s space planning service takes a bespoke approach to each project, in order to create a functional and efficient workplace.

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  • “The whole team were extremely helpful in the planning, ordering and delivery of the furniture for our new offices. We would highly recommend their service and the end product is of exceptional quality.”

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Space Planning

Utilising visual aids from the initial sketches, Flexiform’s Space Planning and Interiors team will create a layout that meets the operational needs of your workplace, whilst accurately reflecting the ethos and culture of your organisation. Finally, we will suggest a selection of finishes by presenting samples, as well as more refined visuals, in order to achieve your finalised design.

All of our furniture is available as Revit and BIM blocks from our website, giving you the chance to create your own layouts, or use your own in-house Space Planning to perfect your project. Our Interior/ Space Planners have a detailed understanding of the BIM methodology, allowing Flexiform to easily collaborate with architects and other key contractors, enabling smooth and efficient progression of your project from start to finish. Our products’ individual parameters, such as the name, size, and finish of each unit are all available through BIM, adding convenience and ease when it comes to reordering a particular product.

Space Planning Examples

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Space Planning Render
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Using Revit software and Bim Compliant blocks, Flexiform provide detailed CAD and visual plans for every project, and our efficient Designers Planners strive to achieve timely turnarounds without sacrificing quality. Space Planning begins with initial idea sketches, showing you the potential layout, with these plans open to discussion and redevelopment. Flexiform’s high-quality visuals can also be provided for presentation tools, featuring specific selected products, colours and layouts. When your concept is finalised, you will be able to see your project at eye-level for the first time, with a 3D walkthrough offering a refined digital visualisation of your ideal new workplace.

If you wish to download our Revit blocks or CAD DWG files, then please visit our downloads page. From this page you will be able to access the different downloads for all of our products which include Specification Guides, Data Sheets, Certificates, Brochures and Hi-Resolution Images.

Find Flexiform blocks on our downloads page.