Storage Surveys

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Storage Surveys

An important aspect of designing and installing your ideal workplace is getting to know the space, and with our filing and site surveys, Flexiform aims to understand the specific needs and requirements of your organisation. By first assessing how many linear metres of storage you need, we can accurately calculate your filing needs, from plan chests for a planning department, to pull out filing for administrative staff, or collaborative furniture for creative minds. This allows you to maximise the office space and reduce footprints with our large capacity storage ranges.

“Whilst we’re finally starting to see the paperless office emerge, the key criteria being linear filing capacity to floor space utilisation is as vitally important as it’s ever been. Storage although perhaps reducing in quantity, is moving away from being classed as generic linear metres and becoming more individual and specific again. So it is therefore essential that we specify the most suitable and efficient components and units, with regards to client usage and objectives.”

Liz Dawes, Storage Survey Analyst

Our filing surveys are all about finding storage to suit your needs. By calculating the linear metres of filing available to you, and through discussions with your staff, we can identify the best method of filing for your organisation. This information is shared with our in-house space planning team to create an office layout that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. The space planning team can configure storage with a multipurpose, for example, banks of low storage with oversailing tops creating a collaborative area as well as maximising storage. Alternatively, storage can be used to create ways to break up open-plan offices, add biophilic elements with storage planters or deflect and/or absorb noise. Flexiform offers multiple furniture ranges in numerous styles, providing both uniformity and flexibility, and we will assess the benefits of various product configurations for your workplace. Our storage units also feature a large range of internal components, able to be mixed and matched within each storage unit, offering complete flexibility for a variety of filing needs.

Flexiform Office Storage - Tambour Storage Units

Before and After a Storage Survey

This diagram below illustrated 68% of the floor space is saved to be re-purposed by simply swapping traditional storage to high capacity storage.
This ensures files are kept in one neat labelled place, and allows offices to look and feel cleaner and more open.


4 separate storage units providing approximately 5.7linear meters of storage
occupying 1.5sqm of space.

Before Storage Survey

One compact storage unit providing 5.7 linear meters of storage
occupying 0.475sqm of space.

After Storage Survey