Activity Based Working

The modern workplace is a very different notion to that of a few years ago. A wide variety of developments, such as the increase in collaborative activity and flexible job functions, have considerably changed the way we work – and a workplace needs to reflect this. Activity Based Working offers staff a choice of how, when, and where they work by providing

various task-specific working spaces to use as and when they are needed. Activity Based Working has numerous benefits to both staff and businesses, from increased productivity and wellbeing to reduced floor space and overheads, and represents a significant development in the way we think about the office environment.

Benefits to your business

Activity Based Working encourages freedom of movement, and requires fewer traditional desks, with staff no longer stationed in just one position. The reduction in desks creates a smaller workplace footprint; meaning less office space is needed. Aside from saving space, Activity Based Working can lead to a reduction in costs, with energy bills, churn costs, and IT provisions consistently lower than in a standard workplace.

Encouraging staff to work where they want also improves communication and collaboration, with specific areas offering purpose-built spaces for teamwork to take place. Where previously this type of collaborative work may have been distracting for those trying to concentrate, an Activity Based Workplace lessens potential disturbances meaning employees are more productive than in a traditional office environment. There is even evidence to suggest that this type of working reduces the amount of sick days taken by staff, with motivation levels higher throughout the business as a result.

Benefits to your business
Sit Stand offers benefits to your staff

Benefits to your staff

Offering staff the flexibility to work in purpose-built spaces not only increases productivity but also creates a happier, more motivated workforce. Activity Based Working offers an easier and more enjoyable way of performing tasks at work and encourages a feeling of trust and empowerment amongst staff members. This greater sense of worth leads to higher levels of engagement and increased morale in the workplace, ultimately improving staff performance.

As the name suggests, Activity Based Working also has numerous health and wellbeing benefits, encouraging staff to move around during the day. Height adjustable desking exemplifies this notion, with Jot-Up giving staff the option to sit and stand at the same desk, saving floor space and increasing flexibility and movement, particularly during time-consuming tasks. The greater emphasis placed upon activity helps alleviate the various health risks associated with modern sedentary lifestyles, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and muscle and joint pain.

Making the transition

In order to implement Activity Based Working in your business, careful space planning is needed to achieve the right design and office layout. An Activity Based Workplace consists of numerous specialist spaces, with areas reserved for collaboration, socialising, contemplation, presenting, and everyday working. Flexiform’s experienced space planners intrinsically understand Activity Based Working, including how to get the most out of the space available, and the right furniture needed for each individual project. Our space planning service can help you make the transition to a modern office environment, and gain the full benefits of Activity Based Working.