Fox Media Group

US-based TV giant Fox Media Group set up their UK based headquarters at 10 Hammersmith Grove (London) in 2013, inhabiting one and a half floors at a total of 22,600 sq. ft. Soon after moving, FOX expanded their offices occupying 12 Hammersmith Grove. After 6 years in their flagship office, FOX approached Flexiform to create an agile work environment for staff, promoting positive cultural change whilst staying within the restraints of their current office space.

Allowing room for staff growth and flexible working patterns was key to the success of the job, with the development of a new main reception area, café points and the addition of collaborative working spaces throughout. The vision was to rebrand the style of the office, replicating the ethos of their New York headquarters to create an exciting and energetic environment with smarter ways of working.


  • CLIENT: Fox Media Group
  • LOCATION: Hammersmith Grove, London
  • PROJECT LEAD: Nick Ruggles
  • PRODUCTS: Reception Counter, Additions Pedestal Base Tables, Additions Double Pedestal Base Tables, High Back Seating, Lounge Seating, Dining Chairs.
  • WORKSPACES: Collaborative Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Breakout Areas, Reception
  • SERVICES: Site Survey, Interior Design, Space Planning, Walkthrough, Visuals

During the design process, Nadia Al-Chalaby, our in-house Interior Designer and Space Planner, worked alongside Project Manager & Sales Executive Nick Ruggles to create a number of office design proposals for FOX. We made live on-site amendments to the design with the client, ensuring the project advanced quickly as well as giving the client the opportunity to try out different products. Multiple 2D and 3D plans alongside renders helped FOX to visualise their space.

“Making live amendments to the design with FOX allowed me to get a better idea of what they wanted to achieve. The meetings were very productive, pushing through ideas and getting to an agreed layout quickly”Nadia Al-Chalaby, Flexiform Interior Designer

Flexiform worked with key stakeholders at FOX to assess working patterns and predicted expansion within each department over the next 5 years. We conducted a survey into current staff numbers and how teams interacted with each other, relocating departments across both floors promoting easier collaboration.

Pockets of agile workspaces were added between teams to encourage workflow through both floors. The introduction of touchdown and meeting booths, rather than traditional enclosed offices, creates an airy open plan environment synonymous with agility, while encouraging collaboration further. To improve staff productivity, employees can now access telephone pods, with visible “in use” signs, rather than leaving the office for privacy.

The addition of suspended acoustic baffles and partitioning reduces the noise in heavy work areas and improves staff wellbeing and efficiency. For ad-hoc discussions acoustic meeting booths were added, the high side design and construction helps to block and absorb sound, giving the users privacy and in turn reducing distracting noise. Plants and greenery were added to lighten the feel of the office, giving a biophilic feel, improving productivity and promoting wellness among staff.

The reception area was revamped into an inviting & flexible visitor area, including a coffee bar with large vintage sofas and comfortable seats for small informal discussions and greetings. This area sets the tone for the workspace, changing the feel of the headquarters from a grey and white “corporate” office to a vibrant hub promoting the brands ethos and a positive cultural change. 

Flexiform have delivered a light, spacious and welcoming office which combines the National Geographic brand with FOX Network.