Kier Group

Flexiform is engaged in a long-term, ongoing partnership with Kier Group, providing a diverse range of furniture and bespoke products to their offices, including its headquarters at Thorpe Park, Leeds, as well as a number of fire stations designed and constructed by Kier. The partnership began with a national contract to fit out Kier’s regional offices.

The offices and fire stations required bespoke products designed with Kier’s specific needs in mind. Desking, storage, screens and electrics were all supplied, as well as newly developed locker units, boot racks, galvanized fire cages, and drying racks. 


  • CLIENT: Kier Group.
  • LOCATION: Ground Floor & First Floor, Thorpe Park, Leeds.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Phil Roberts.
  • WORKSPACES: Open Plan Offices, Informal Meeting Spaces, Cellular Offices, Bespoke Fire Brigade Furniture Inc. Suite Hangers, Secure Equipment Cages, Boot Racks, Drying Racks, Tool Sheds, Benches and Lockers.
  • SERVICES: Site Survey, Storage Survey, Interior Design, Space Planning, Visuals, Bespoke Furniture.

A major requirement of the brief was for all furniture to be flexible, and to match the company’s adaptable working methods, as well as future-proofed against company growth. For this reason, Pico desking, which can expand and reduce in size thanks to add-on extensions, has been used heavily throughout Kier premises. However, other offices were supplied with Solo desks, which as standalone desking can be easily reconfigured and moved, to suit more dynamic environments. Beginning with the first floor of Thorpe Park, Kier made use of Flexiform’s in-house survey analyst to identify the amount of workspace needed for each member of staff, and our space planning service to help decide on layouts that would make the most of the space available. The resulting furniture solutions were tailored to the needs of the department in question – the planning department, for example, has storage units with overhanging tops, which provide adequate space to spread out large building plans.

Since the beginning of our partnership with Kier, we have developed our processes to ensure they are able to order products in their chosen style and finish with ease. Client-specific brochures have been produced for fire stations, standard offices, and their head office, with preferred products given codes unique to Kier. This means that one code can be used to order a specific combination of products – such as a screen, desk, pedestal, cable tray and on-desk electrics in the relevant finish, rather than having to select from multiple components at every order. This service greatly simplifies the order process for Kier, saving time for the client and ensuring their diverse range of premises maintains a visual consistency, as well as improving our service offering at Flexiform.

“The whole experience of working with Flexiform has been positive. The whole team were extremely helpful in the planning, ordering and delivery of the furniture for our new offices. Given our deadlines were tight, everything ran as smoothly as it we expected it to. We would highly recommend their service and the end product is of exceptional quality.”

From conception to execution, Flexiform have endeavoured to keep close contact with Kier, to ensure every product runs smoothly. A variety of meetings were held to determine the client’s needs in every area, from lighting to space to filing, and our space planners and project managers responded to the client’s requests for changes on a proactive basis. Flexiform now stocks many of Kier’s bespoke products as standard, allowing us to meet their timescales incredibly quickly, as well as offering these innovative products to other clients too.