Metal Lockers

Ventilated metal lockers ideal for changing rooms, education, and offices.

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Metal Ventilated Lockers

Metal Lockers

With a ventilated design to keep personal belongings fresh or electrical items cool, our Metal Lockers are both versatile and practical, leaning themselves to both changing rooms and schools, as well as offices. Our metal storage lockers are available in a wide range of bespoke sizes, doors, electrics and locks, please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Flexiform’s metal lockers feature a traditional riveted construction which can be bolted together to create a locker wall and can be fitted with sloping tops to stop students from sitting or storing items on top. 

Changing Room Lockers

Key Features

Product Specification


  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 door steel lockers with bespoke configurations available.
  • Mild steel (suitable for offices).
  • Ventilated design to encourage air circulation.
  • Available in widths and depths of 300mm and 450mm.
  • Standard 1800mm height.
  • Internal shelves and hooks available (dependent upon unit).
  • Integral label holder for personal lockers.
  • Optional sloping top to discourage storing items on top of units.
  • Cam lock and padlockable locks as standard. Alternative locks available.
  • UK designed and manufactured by Flexiform.


  • Tested to BS 4875-7:2006, BS EN 14074:2004, BS EN 14073-3:2004,
    BS EN 14073-2:2004.1



  • Based on a 2 door 300mm x 300mm x 1800mm. (ASG2PL3318)
  • Recycled Content: 29.50%
  • Recyclable Content: 98.80%


  • Choice of white, pale grey, silver, graphite grey, black, pale brown, grey beige, beige, light ivory, olive green, fern green, reed green, black green, pine green, patina green, pale green, sapphire blue, violet blue, distant blue, pastel blue, purple red, red violet, orient red, beige red, tomato red, salmon pink, yellow orange, or broom yellow steel.


  • Flexiform Office Furniture Brochure Download

    Flexiform Specification Guide

    Flexiform Office Furniture Brochure Download

    Office Storage Brochure

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    Bespoke Changing Room Lockers at Police Install

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  • Flexiform CAD Block Download

    Metal Locker CAD Blocks

    Flexiform Revit Downloads .RVT files

    Metal Locker Revit Blocks

  • Flexiform PDF Product Datasheet Download

    C4 Combination Lock Datasheet

    Flexiform PDF Product Datasheet Download

    Cam Lock Datasheet

    Flexiform PDF Product Datasheet Download

    Cam Lock with Integral Name Plate Datasheet

    Flexiform PDF Product Datasheet Download

    Coin Operated Lock Datasheet

    Flexiform PDF Product Datasheet Download

    Metal Locker Datasheet

  • Flexiform Certifications

    Metal Locker Certificate

  • Black Steel, Matt

    RAL 9005

    Flexiform Code: BLM

    Graphite Grey Steel, Matt

    RAL 7024

    Flexiform Code: GGM

    Jot Silver Steel, Matt

    RAL 9006

    Flexiform Code: JOM

    Pale Grey Steel, Matt

    RAL 7035

    Flexiform Code: PGM

    White Steel, Matt

    RAL 9016

    Flexiform Code: JWM

    Pale Brown Steel, Matt

    RAL 8025

    Flexiform Code: BPM

    Grey Beige Steel, Matt

    RAL 1019

    Flexiform Code: BGM

    Beige Steel, Matt


    Flexiform Code: BBM

    Light Ivory Steel, Matt

    RAL 1015

    Flexiform Code: BIM

    Olive Green Steel, Matt

    RAL 6003

    Flexiform Code: GOM

    Fern Green Steel, Matt

    RAL 6025

    Flexiform Code: GFM

    Reed Green Steel, Matt

    RAL 6013

    Flexiform Code: GRM

    Black Green Steel, Matt

    RAL 6012

    Flexiform Code: GBM

    Pine Green Steel, Matt

    RAL 6028

    Flexiform Code: GPM

    Patina Green Steel, Matt

    RAL 6000

    Flexiform Code: GAM

    Pale Green Steel, Matt

    RAL 6021

    Flexiform Code: GCM

    Sapphire Blue Steel, Matt

    RAL 5003

    Flexiform Code: USM

    Violet Blue Steel, Matt

    RAL 5000

    Flexiform Code: UVM

    Distant Blue Steel, Matt

    RAL 5023

    Flexiform Code: UDM

    Pastel Blue Steel, Matt

    RAL 5024

    Flexiform Code: UPM

    Purple Red Steel, Matt

    RAL 3004

    Flexiform Code: RPM

    Red Violet Steel, Matt

    RAL 4002

    Flexiform Code: RLM

    Orient Red Steel, Matt

    RAL 3031

    Flexiform Code: ROM

    Beige Red Steel, Matt

    RAL 3012

    Flexiform Code: RBM

    Tomato Red Steel, Matt

    RAL 3013

    Flexiform Code: RTM

    Salmon Pink Steel, Matt

    RAL 3022

    Flexiform Code: PSM

    Yellow Orange Steel, Matt

    RAL 2000

    Flexiform Code: OYM

    Broom Yellow Steel, Matt

    RAL 1032

    Flexiform Code: YBM