Leeds City Council

Leeds City Council were looking to centralise several core services into a limited amount of buildings, in order to streamline communication, meeting facilities, and travel requirements. These locations include Civic Hall, Tribeca House, Kernal House and St George’s House.

Flexiform created a standardised product catalogue for Leeds City Council, which helped create a uniformed style throughout the different buildings. These products were flexible and designed to adapt to different rooms and layouts, creating flexibility for the future as the Council’s working practices and workforce adapts and grows. Flexiform created a bespoke online ordering portal for Leeds, allowing their teams to order products directly through the Flexiform website, saving time and money.


  • CLIENT: Leeds City Council.
  • LOCATION: Tribecca House, Leeds.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Rob Waterhouse.
  • PRODUCTS: Pico Bench Desks, Crank Handle Height Adjustable Desks, Desk Mounted Screens, Task Seating, Freestor Accent Lockers, Meeting Booth, Informal Meeting Chairs, Coffee Table.
  • WORKSPACES: Open Plan Offices, Breakout Area, Meeting Rooms, Collaborative Spaces.
  • SERVICES: Product Demonstrations, Site Survey, Space Planning, Visuals.

Leeds City Council benefited from Flexiform’s in-house design and space planning services to ensure each project was efficient and delivered on time and to budget. We have a number of in-house teams, including survey analysts, Space Planning, Design and Engineering, and Marketing to help each project. Flexiform’s Space Planning and survey analyst teams work together to create viable options for room layouts while ensuring that storage facilities accommodate staff members. Flexiform provided detailed 2D and 3D drawings and visuals to display options as required. The drawings are created through Revit, using blocks. All blocks contain information on the products and come together to build up information on the building.

Leeds City Council worked with both our Design and Marketing teams to create a standardised product list. Distributed throughout Leeds City Council, the catalogue stated the size, materials and finishes of all products used throughout to create an efficient ordering system that ensured the consistency Leeds City Council desired. Our combined services ensure all projects run smoothly, to budget, and on time.