Office Meeting Booths

At Flexiform, we not only have our own range of booths, we supply a large range of meeting booths to suit all environments and budgets.

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Office Meeting Booths

Office Meeting & Media Booths

Office meeting booths come in a wide range of styles and sizes, designed to host two people through to 8. Ideal for 1-2-1 meetings, group discussions and informal presentations, office booths create a semi-private workspace where teams can come together and collaborate, without taking up valuable meeting rooms.

Alongside our Cote meeting booths, we can supply and install a vast range of meeting booths to suit any office interior design styles, all available with or without monitor arms and power and data. As our office meeting booths are made from upholstered high sided panels, they block and absorb sound, helping to reduce office noise both inside and outside the pod, making them ideal to be placed in and between desks.

High sided office meeting booth with acoustic ceiling

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