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Approach to environment and sustainability

At Flexiform, we understand our impact upon the environment, and the ever-increasing importance that we all play our part to reverse climate change. For over a decade now, we’ve been monitoring, tracking and improving our environmental impact, striving to make our business as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. 

You can read more on our environmental commitments in our brochures:
Environmental Impact and Company Improvements
Product Carbon Footprint & Environmental Impact Assessments

Our Manufacturing Commitment

We are committed to reducing the impact of our manufacturing processes on the environment, whilst also ensuring that Flexiform’s office furniture is as sustainable as possible.

At Flexiform, we:

  • Ensure no waste goes to landfill.
  • Measure and control our CO2 output.
  • Ensure our products are FSC® approved.
  • Are members of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP)
  • Use fabrics from fully recycled or sustainable sources.
  • Continue to improve our performance through energysaving initiatives.
  • Ensure that our products are built to last.
  • Make manufacturing improvements where possible and necessary.
  • Aim to source products and materials locally where possible.

58% reduction in water

m3 / per £m turnover 2010 - 2020

54% reduction natural gas

Co2e t / per £m turnover 2010 - 2020

45% reduction electricity

Co2e t / per £m turnover 2010 - 2020


Our primary goal is to utilise and improve what we have. Our West Yorkshire manufacturing facility is located inside an old tram shed, a historical importance to the surrounding area. We believe it’s important to transform the building over producing a new factory environment with harmful CO2 output. We have made significant improvements to our factory to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact including new heating systems, shutter doors, waste filter systems, efficient machinery, upgraded roofing and more. We’re also in the process of adding Solar panels on the roof to produce our own energy! 

Product Sustainability

Our products are built to last, which is why we offer a minimum 10-year warranty on all of our manufactured furniture. By ensuring we manufacture high-quality, long-lasting furniture, we can ultimately reduce the environmental impact for ourselves and our clients. As we are a true manufacturer with specialist in-house skills, we’ve managed to repaint, reconfigure, and transform client’s existing furniture to fit their new office requirements, helping them drastically reduce the impact of their new office fit-out.

“The quality of the products that Flexiform manufactures I’m sure will last us for many years with trouble-free service”Helen Pool, Property Change Manager, Wakefield MD Council.


Sustainability is not just about manufacturing techniques – recycling and reusing furniture and materials is also vital to lowering unnecessary and potentially harmful wastage. Like any manufacturer, minimising wastage is key for environmental goals and efficiency and we’ve always run our factory as “made to order” to reduce any product or materials waste. We donate any unwanted but functional furniture to charities and schools too.

As of 2021, we are a Zero to Landfill company. On average above 95% of all our waste is recycled, and the remaining non-recyclable components are converted into energy (EFW). We’ve also made small improvements such as removing the cardboard compactor, which makes it harder for the cardboard to get recycled. 

By minimising wastage, promoting recycling, and donating reusable furniture to charities and schools, our passion for sustainability goes beyond manufacturing practices – it is ingrained into our way of working throughout the business.

For a full list of factory improvements, environmentally friendly client projects, and recycling information, please download our brochure here.

Environmental Certifications

Flexiform is committed to continually improving our practices, reducing our impact on the environment and promoting sustainability, and we are certified by FIRA, FISP, FSC® and ISO14001.

Flexiform’s FSC Accreditation
The Forest Stewardship Council is a global forest certification system that assures consumers that the furniture is manufactured from timber and forest products produced from wellmanaged forests.

Flexiform ISO4001 Accreditation

Flexiform ISO4001 Accreditation
ISO 14001:2015 demonstrates we are committed to reducing environmental impact and undertake audits evaluating our CO2 output, product life cycle through our Environmental Management System.

Flexiform FISP Accreditation
The Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme demonstrates that we are taking our environmental and corporate social responsibility obligations seriously. FISP is backed by the entire furniture industry and is the mark of sustainable excellence.

Our Products are Built to Last
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