Ergonomics in the Workplace

Is your office chair ergonomically designed? Office staff will spend most of their working day sitting at their desks, and comfort is of the essence to ensure lasting issues on the body do not arise. In short, something that is ergonomically designed has been refined to optimise them for human use. Human characteristics such as: height, weight, and proportions are considered during the design process. Ergonomics is sometimes known as ‘human factors’ in engineering. Products that are frequently used such as: desks, chairs, or even a computer mouse focus on ergonomics and if these products are poorly made, it can result in stress, fatigue, and injury.


In 2018/19 498,000 workers suffered from work related musculoskeletal disorders.

40% of which were back related issues.


A simple Google of ‘how to sit correctly at your desk’ brings up numerous results on how to ensure you’re not straining yourself at work. According to the NHS, supporting your back, adjusting your chair, resting your feet on the floor, and placing your screen at eye level are just a few ways to help. So, how can you do all these processes in one go, without having to do this everyday? Most of these issues can be avoided by having an ergonomically designed office chair like our Equity Task Chair. How you sit during working hours is vital for wellbeing and can potentially increase productivity.

The Equity Task Chair is a full ergonomically designed task chair, suitable for workplaces and learning environments. This versatile task chair offers a 100mm adjustable lumbar support to comfortably support the lower back, featuring a body balance mechanism, responding to the users weight and movement throughout the day, adjusting to support each person automatically. Additionally, the chair offers adjustable options to suit the user, ensuring their feet are always flat on the floor and with the optional 4D arms, a user can adjust the height, depth and the angle of the armrest. This flexibility helps to support the arms, wrists and shoulders ensuring maximum comfort. With an optional added headrest, the Equity is an ideal ergonomic office chair.

workplace task chairs

Further comfort can be had by optimising your work space, the desk is another factor that can influence productivity and office well being. Ensuring the desk height is suited to your own height seems like an obvious point to make, but “one size does not fit all when it comes to office furniture”

height adjustable desking

Height adjustable desking is becoming more available in workspaces. Desking systems such as our Jot-Up height adjustable desks offer flexibility and adjustability. Movement throughout the day breaks you away from the repetitiveness of sitting down all day and improves your circulation. According to a study by ScienceDirect, 87% of participants reported increased energy levels when using a standing desk. Adjusting the height of your desk gets you moving and in turn can increase productivity level. Our Jot-Up sit/stand desk can also be teamed up with monitor arms and anti-fatigue floor matts to extend the comfort further. 

Additionally, in a more collaborative and agile working workplace, our Jot-Up Meet desk is also available for meetings and 1-2-1’s away from the workstations. This meeting table can be adjusted to standing height for a quick informal chat or to sitting height for team meetings.


“Ergonomics is a key part of our design process, we introduce our clients to the importance of an ergonomically designed space at the beginning of a project. Products such as adjustable task chairs and height adjustable desks, are key to comfort and staff wellbeing. A comfortable worker is a productive worker.”

– Nadia Al-Chalaby, Interior Designer.


With 28.2 million sickness days in the UK during 2018/2019, an investment in your staff’s comfort, wellbeing and health can be a wise investment. See our resources below to help optimize staff comfort. To learn more contact or check out our BIM and CAD level 2 compliant revit blocks for the Jot-Up and Equity Task chair to implement into your office design here.

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