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When working full time in an office, it’s often hard to find the time to exercise, however, most of us have a bit of downtime between tasks. We can take this time to do a few stretches that can help with the aches and pains of sitting or standing in the same position for long periods of time.

Workplaces are starting to focus more on employee health and well-being meaning sit/stand desks are starting to gain popularity in the UK. The health benefits of sit/ stand working have both long and short-term benefits; standing at your desk can help prevent harmful fats and sugars build up in the blood,

and as a result, workers who stand have more energy and find it easier to concentrate. While we stand our larger muscles within the body are working, which increases the flow of blood to the brain improving the way we feel and work.

With a study by the British Heart Foundation finding that the average office worker spends up to 9 hours at their desk per day, standing desks can help workers feel less tired and more productive.

One of the biggest benefits of type A height adjustable desks (such as our Jot-Up range) is that they allow you to

sit and stand. If you shouldn’t sit too much, you shouldn’t stand too much! What is the best thing for your health? As with many things, the solution seems to be a happy medium.

We have put together an infographic below featuring a variety of ‘Deskercises’ you can do at your Jot-Up desk to help reduce the aches and pains caused by sitting and standing for long periods of time.

Remember to breathe normally and never hold your breath. With each stretch, you may find yourself more flexible. Don’t go further than is comfortable.

Calf Stretch Desk Yoga

calf stretch

Adjust your height adjustable desk to suit, stand up and hold the front on your desk. bring one leg forward with a bent knee and extend your other leg back with a straight knee, pushing your heel toward the floor, hold for 20 seconds and switch legs.

Calf Raises Exercise

calf raises

This is a good stretch to do while working, stand at your height adjustable desk and slowly raise up onto your tiptoes, hold then slowly lower back down. aim for three sets of 10 lifts.

Office Chair Yoga

chair pose

Bring your feet about hip-width distance apart, & bend your knees. sit your hips down and back, as you bring the weight of your body to your heels. Activate your inner thighs to engage your core, and tilt your torso forward. Arms can reach up, like Tadasana.

Shoulder Open Base Desk Yoga

shoulder opener

Place your feet a few foot away from your desk, Standing with your feet apart. Adjust your desk to suit your height, walk your hands forward on the desk, imagine your body is forming a right angle. Keep reaching your hands forward with straight arms until you feel a stretch through your chest, shoulders and upper back.

Dancers Pose Leg Stretch

dancer's pose

Adjust your height adjustable desk for support if necessary. From a standing position, bend your right knee and kick your right heel toward your glutes. stand straight, press your knee down, and keep the inside of your right knee as close to the inside of your left knee as possible. Flex through your right foot.

Desk Caturanga Office Yoga Pose

desk chaturanga

Place your body in a long, straight line from head to toe, lean your body forward from a standing position, put your hands on your height adjustable desk shoulder-width apart. Make sure your palms are pressing down firmly, then bend your elbows to ninety degrees, elbows pinned into your sides. Push back into a plank position to exit the pose.

Neck Stretch Office Yoga

neck stretch

Using your hand, hold the opposite side of your head and gently pull your head towards your shoulder to stretch. Rotate and softly roll your head to also stretch.

Core Strength Office Yoga

core strength

To strengthen your core, choose an active-style chair to sit on (like the Humanscale Ballo stool). The stool has a rounded base, to help engage your core to steady the stool.

Spinal Twist Back Stretch

spinal twist

Keeping seated with your knees in line with one another, place your left hand on your right knee and twist your entire upper body to the right, looking behind your shoulder. Hold, then twist back and repeat on the other side.

Please ensure your safety when performing these poses.

Flexiform accepts no responsibility for any damage to person or property.