Hygge in office design – What does it mean?

The Hygge trend has been around for a few years now in the design and interiors world. The word Hygge (pronounced Huu-gah) is derived from the Norwegian word meaning well-being. There are similar words in different cultures all with similar meanings all around the origins of well-being, comfort or cosiness and often a sense of belonging and community.

How does Hygge connect to the workplace?

What does this have to do with the workplace? The design of a physical space, being a living room in the home or an office interior is crucial to help create that sense of comfort and wellbeing this is where Hygge fits in. In today’s workplace, people are seeking inspiring spaces that make them want to come to work. Companies are focusing on the wellbeing of their staff supporting how people feel emotionally and physically. Designers in Scandinavia are renown for helping families create comforting spares in their homes, Scandinavian interior office design is ahead of the curve and recognises that as humans, we have an innate bond with their surroundings. Hygge within the workplace can help blur between the lines of home and work and encourage thought-provoking discussion and collaborative work.

The Wilson table range was designed with the idea of Hygge in mind, creating cosy breakout areas, that help to define different areas of activity within the office space. The wooden table range adds a natural warmth to the office interior creating a cosy feel for the office environment.  

How does Hygge support collaboration within the workplace?  

Wilson Ply Coffee Table

Companies are asking people to leave home and come back to the office, as they know that collaboration can help improve creativity and productivity. Providing more collaborative spaces to work in as opposed to traditional workstations, will help encourage informal collaboration, help build closer knit community within the workplace and create personal relationships helping employees build trust and get to know each other.

The addition 2 collaboration table is perfect for small groups, Additions 2 Collaboration Meeting Tables offer space for flexible working, particularly in Activity Based or Agile workplaces and educational establishments.