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Interior Design

An ideal workplace is not just putting office furniture into a room – your office is a reflection of your company’s brand and values. Good interior design is a powerful tool in communicating your company’s brand, ethos, and even personality to both customers and staff alike. For staff (who spend all day in the office) creating a practical and comfortable environment is extremely important, with good interior design contributing to increased staff happiness, loyalty and morale.

At Flexiform we supply more than just the furniture. With our full interior design schemes, we individually assess the specific needs of each project to create your ideal workplace. By collaborating with any architects or external design firms involved in your project, our specialist interior designer can advise how to bring your workplace together. Offering advice on everything from furniture to carpets, blinds, reception counters, and light fittings we can shape your office to reflect the core values of your business.

Lucie Carr
Interior Designer - Lucie Carr

“One of the most important elements of delivering your ideal office space is to get the interior design right. We provide a full interior design scheme covering the entire UK. Our all-inclusive bespoke service starts from the initial phases of the building design, right through to the installation, and our aim is to create a practical, stylish office which reflects your brand.”

Impact of Interior Design

Interior design is not just about style, and we understand that functionality is equally important to create an effective workplace. Our interior design scheme always considers the right materials and the type of furniture that suits the very different needs of each individual workplace. If durability is important for an office that sees a lot of foot traffic, we can suggest hardwearing and wipeable surfaces, which offer both form and function in keeping with your brand and style.

Our interior design specialist is able to offer concept boards and visuals to help plan your ideal workplace, as well as site visits to really get to grips with the bespoke needs of your project. With our in-house space planning service, we can also provide you with 2D and 3D visuals to help develop the space as it progresses, and allow you to see what your completed office will look like.

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Interior Design Visual


Our in-house Interior Design team worked to create a modern and dynamic ideal workspace.
Our team proposed the colour scheme, planned the workspace and created rendered visuals on Revit to give the best idea of their ideal workspace.

Fabrics and Finishes


  • Full face-to-face client briefings and meetings
  • Comprehensive site survey to ensure room measurements, layouts and to analyse how the existing space works
  • Help and advice with interior design schemes, creating proposals and moodboards including colour, fabrics and accessory suggestions
  • Computer rendered visuals including static images, 360 degree views, walkthroughs and virtual reality with headset
  • Office furniture and product specification to suit your staffs needs and the interior design scheme
  • Full BIM compliant floor plans designed on the latest AutoDesk Revit software
Find Flexiform blocks on our downloads page.