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Office interior design can have a huge impact on the morale and productivity of existing staff, and the potential of attracting new staff. We have all been in a stony silent office with uninspiring surroundings, producing minimal effort and watching the clock tick by. 97% of workers believe their workplace symbolises how they are valued as an employee. A further 65% of workers claim they would consciously improve their performance if their offices were more comfortable.

“With a good interior design making such an impact on efficiency and wellbeing, it is worth investing in good interior design and high quality, functional office furniture. Happy employees are more productive, productivity equals profit. A good office interior design scheme, can ultimately increase your profit”. – Lucie Carr, Interior Designer

Office Interior Design goes further than having an aesthetically pleasing office, ergonomic comfort is an important factor affecting workers productivity. The choice of office furniture, lighting and acoustics can all affect the productivity of a staff and therefore the business. An effective and modern workspace should have the right office furniture, designed and specified to suit the needs of your staff individually and collectively. Elements to consider include; DDA compliance, inspiring collaborative spaces for teamwork, solo working quiet areas, breakout areas for relaxation, and personal storage. If possible, a naturally lit office and ergonomic workspaces such as sit/stand desking will reduce strain on the eyes and body resulting in less time off.

“Interior design in the workplace has a great impact on employees and the business. The right space creates a community, influences motivation, performance, morale and creates an important first impression of the businesses brand and core values.” Lucie Carr, Interior Designer

An inspiring well designed office interior not only affects your staff but also potential new staff. 33% of workers state the office design affects the decision to accept a job offer. With an average of 29% of the week spent at work it’s easy to see how these factors have become an important part of the recruitment process.

To attract the best talent, it’s important a business creates the right impression, no longer is it the just the domain of the interviewee to impress the business, the business must now impress potential staff – demonstrating the company cares about its workforce. Recent surveys indicate 33% of employees are ashamed to bring their clients to the office, which can potentially cost more in expenses, increased time spent away from the desk (ultimately affecting productivity) and contract wins. A brand-strengthening, well designed office environment also shouts that you are proud of your business which will communicate through to your staff, in turn increasing overall staff happiness and satisfaction.  

A happy workforce is a productive workforce.  A productive workforce is a profitable workforce.