Jot-Up Sit/Stand Desking

Jot-Up Height Adjustable Desking
Jot-Up Sit/Stand Desking

Jot-Up is Flexiform’s response to the ongoing debate around sitting and standing desks, and the ergonomic benefits in the modern workplace. Styled differently to existing Flexiform ranges, Jot-Up is a fully functional, electronically operated height adjustable sit/stand desk. The height adjustable options carry full Type A range of 610mm – 1260mm.

Jot-Up uses our unique cable management system that adjusts easily and efficiently with the desk and protects wires during movement. Suitable for Agile working, Jot-Up is also available with a rechargeable battery pack, allowing sit/stand desks to be placed anywhere in the workplace without being restricted by mains availability.

‘In modern offices, it’s important to give staff the option of a sit/stand workstation, encouraging movement throughout the day is key to everyone’s health”
Lucie Carr, In-house Space Planner

Key Features
  • Sit/standing desks encourages staff to move throughout the day, improving staff health and well being.
  • Jot-Up and Jot-Up Lite available in single, side-to-side or back-to-back configurations.
  • Electric height adjustment, height settable, or fixed height modules allows sit-stand desking to be integrated over time as budget allows.
  • Electronic height adjustable range of 610mm – 1260mm, with height settable option of 665mm – 1015mm (in increments of 25mm) or fixed height of 740mm.
  • Mains or battery powered offers greater flexibility for Agile working.
  • Integrated sensor minimises the risk of damage to hard objects.
  • Easy to use tactile up-down control switch.
  • Lifting columns have a sound level below 55dB(A) to minimise distracting noise.
  • Jot-Up has an integrated cable management system to feed electrics from the floor into each independently adjustable worktops.
  • Selection of RAL powder coated paint finishes and 25mm MFC top with 2mm ABS edge.
  • Tested to:  BS EN 527-1:2011, BS EN ISO 9241:1999, BS6396: 2008 + A1:2015.
  • Independently tested carbon footprint, based on a 1400mm Jot-Up Lite, 200Kg CO2e.
Jot-Up Sit/Stand Desking

Controlling Jot-Up Height Adjustable Desking

The Jot-Up Height Adjustable desks is filled with some of the markets leading electrical equipment, meaning that it can be easily controlled by an array of devices. This also gives the freedom to use Jot-Up as a hotdesk as each user will have their own settings saved on their connection device.

Key Features
  • Control the height via Bluetooth or USB on your laptop, PC, iOS or Android device.
  • Set targets and reminders to stand as set period of time every hour.
  • Track the total stats on you standing time, calories burnt and daily achievements.
  • Pre-configure 3 preferred height settings for ease of use.
  • Free software (requires connecting cable).
  • Plug-and-go, connect your laptop to the desk and start using the software.

Jot-Up Sit/Stand Desking Options

Jot-Up Product Options