Encompass Office Meeting Pods

Multi-sized office meeting pods & solo work pods to create private workspaces without building walls.

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Encompass Office Pods

Enclosed Office Pods

Office meeting pods are key pieces of furniture for any smart working or agile working office environment, providing a quiet workspace to meet, collaborate or work privately. With a whole host of sizes and shapes, our Encompass meeting pods are available with and without integral tables, seating, ceiling fans, lighting and electrics to create the perfect meeting space.

Designed with an aluminium frame for strength, and double glazed or upholstered panels, the Encompass range comes tested to BS EN ISO 140 with a 36dB noise reduction, helping absorb and block sound within the office. With 8 standard frame colours, a wide range of fabrics and optional Natural Oak MDF cladding available, our Encompass range can be designed to suit any office interior.

Encompass Office Meeting Pods

Key Features

Product Specification


  • Square, rectangular or circular pods.
  • Bespoke configurations are available.
  • Various frame colours to suit any environment.
  • Mix and match upholstered panels and glass panels on each wall for a unique configuration.
  • 22mm double glazed glass panels.
  • 55mm sound absorbing upholstered panels.
  • 52mm sound absorbing ceiling panels upholstered in light grey.
  • 8mm glass door with swing handle and optional lock.
  • An Integrated ceiling cover makes it ideal for high ceiling atriums and open spaces where the pod may be viewed from above.
  • PIR operated diffused dual LED strip lighting. High output and low voltage.


  • Acoustically tested to BS EN ISO 140, and rated at 36dB noise reduction (Technical report ref no: C/24307/T01).



  • Air circulation fan available with 216m3/h airflow.
  • Flush mounted power and data modules are available.
  • Power and Data modules are available with power, USB and USB type-c charging, data, HDMI, VGA and other options.


  • Micropod Office Pod: 2000mm x 1466mm x 2100mm with fitted worktop, air circulation fan and slow close. 
  • Two person Greet Pod: 2200mm(w) x 1400mm (d) x 2100mm(h) with air circulation fan, back post, desktop and seats. 
  • Circular Office Pod: 3000mm (dia/w) x 2200mm with air circulation fan. 
  • Rectangular Office Pod: 3000mm W x 2866mm, 4500mm, or 6000mm x 2200mm(h) as standard with air circulation fan.


  • Flexiform Office Furniture Brochure Download

    Encompass Pod Brochure

    Flexiform Office Furniture Brochure Download

    Flexiform Specification Guide

  • Encompass Circular office pod

    Encompass Circular Pod

    Encompass Duo Meeting Pod

    Encompass Duo Meeting Pod

    Flexiform office pod for 2 persons

    Encompass Duo Meeting Pod with Cladding

    Encompass Large Rectangular Pod

    Encompass Large Rectangular Pod

    Encompass Solo Pod

    Encompass Micro Pod

  • Encompass office pod

    Encompass Library Pod at Keighley Library Fit Out

    Inside an encompass library pod

    Encompass Library Pod at Keighley Library Fit Out

    Encompass office meeting pod

    Encompass Office Pod at Keighley Library

    Office meeting pod

    Encompass Pod at Government Fit Out

    Encompass office meeting pod

    Encompass Pod at Government Fit Out [Inside]

    Flexiform London Showroom with office pods

    Encompass Pod at London Showroom [2021]

  • Flexiform CAD Block Download

    Encompass Pod CAD Blocks

    Flexiform Revit Downloads .RVT files

    Encompass Pod Revit Blocks

  • Flexiform PDF Product Datasheet Download

    Encompass Pod Datasheet

  • Black Steel, Satin

    Flexiform Code: BLS

    Graphite Grey Steel, Satin

    Flexiform Code: GGS

    White Steel, Satin

    Flexiform Code: JWS

    Squirrel Grey

    RAL 7000

    Flexiform Code: CGS

    Cobalt Blue

    RAL 5013

    Flexiform Code: CBS

    Zinc Yellow

    RAL 1018

    Flexiform Code: ZYS

    Traffic Purple

    RAL 4006

    Flexiform Code: TPS

    Khaki Green

    RAL 6013

    Flexiform Code: KGS

    White MFC and Laminate Finish

    25mm White MFC with 2mm ABS matching edge

    W1000 ST9

    Flexiform Code: WHM