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In modern offices, the open plan design office can contribute to noise problems which can distract staff and have an impact on efficiency. Our popular Freestor tambour storage are available with an acoustic tambour shutter, designed to absorb sound and reduce the impact of distracting, everyday noise in the workplace. Offering Class 3 noise absorption, the Freestor acoustic tambours feature perforated shutters, with the dotted design increasing the noise dampening properties of the unit.

“Freestor Acoustic Tambours go hand-in-hand with acoustic suspended dividers, which together result in an interesting and noise-reducing design feature within the office”

Nadia Al-Chalaby, Space Planner

Freestor Tambours doors curl up inside the unit to minimising operational space and feature central locking and an easy open handle. As with Freestor Tambours, the acoustic doors also feature a high-quality aluminium closure with a magnetic strip to create a smooth and seamless front when the unit is closed. Freestor Acoustic Tambours are available in multiple heights and widths, making them suitable for end of the desks, space dividers or as part of a large storage walls.

Flexiform magnetic acoustic panels can be easily attached to the back of the acoustic tambour unit to further enhance the acoustic properties of this product, helping to increase staff welfare and wellbeing in the increasingly noisy modern workplace.

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