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Flexiform Invests in Staff and Training

Investing in our employees

Flexiform views its employees as an investment; valuable assets to the company that help build a solid foundation of trust, loyalty and initiative amongst the workforce. The benefits of investing in the continuous development of our employees are clear across the company. Many companies let employee development slide, especially during the unexpected day-to-day pressures of a business. This is why Flexiform have chosen to make employee development part of their budget, with money, time and education being made part of each of our employees’ yearly plan.

When someone works in an environment where they know their development is the company’s top priority, they feel happy, acknowledged, and most importantly valued. Here at Flexiform, we value all our employees and making them happy is what we aim to do. A happy worker creates an infectious atmosphere of satisfaction amongst their colleagues, thus boosting morale, enthusiasm and energy.


In an unsupportive and unsafe working environment, it’s very hard to get employees to perform. Staff who have insecurities about the people they work with and their surroundings will naturally have a less productive demeanour. When staff feel supported, synapses leading to the frontal lobe in our brains our stimulated, taking cognitive skills to a level of heightened competency. Staff, therefore, become better problem solvers and team players. When an employee takes pride in their work, they become accountable.

Flexiform Welder
Bob Jolley
“Flexiform have always invested in both the business as a whole and our employees. We believe every employee will benefit from a solid employee development program. Our training programmes extend to both salaried and hourly employees. We believe that by having a continuous training plan in place for employees helps both the individuals and the business as a whole to develop.”

Bob Jolley
Quality Representative / Health & Safety

Enhancing Reputation

A business that is known as being a ‘great place to work’ is a business that will never have a shortage of job applicants and will attract the best people the job market has to offer. Flexiform strives to be ‘the place to work’. With huge investments in on-the-job training initiatives, as well as our infrastructure and facilities, many current and prospective employees are discovering what an appealing place to work Flexiform is.

Retaining staff

The staff retention rate at Flexiform is something that we’re very proud of. When people come to work at Flexiform, often they stay for life. That’s because Flexiform truly wants the best for their staff and knows the value of keeping good workers as the company grows.

By training and promoting talent from within, staff feel like they are a part of the Flexiform family. Throughout their working lifecycle, employees experience increased responsibility with every promotion and job satisfaction, as they acquire new knowledge whilst on the job. When there’s a clear path of progression, the chances of retaining staff are more easily accomplished within a business.

Flexiform Product Assembly
“This is a really good opportunity for me, I am really enjoying my time here, every day I learn something new and have been made to feel very accepted within the Flexiform team – getting hands on experience is such a different experience to just reading about it.”

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Kerrigan Mitchell
Maintenance Apprentice

Training offered by Flexiform

NVQ Training

NVQ Training

Spot Welding Training

Accredited by Pro Spot.

Quality Training

Training is performed in house.

MIG Welding Training

Accredited by BOC.

5S Training

5S Training

Salvagnini Training

Accredited by EB Engineering.

HR Training

In house training with our HR Professionals.

SB Client Training

Training performed by Epicor.