Ultraviolet – Pantone colour of the year – 2018


“Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” – Pantone


It’s the start of the new year, and with it comes all the new trend and prediction articles, along with the announcement of the colour of the year from The Pantone Colour of the year by The Pantone Colour Institute.

This year’s ‘colour’ is Ultraviolet a deep purple colour not too dissimilar to that of the iconic purple that was released by the colour institute to honour the singer Prince last year.

Studies show that purple is preferred by females, it can often portray wealth, royalty and power. Historically Violet has been associated with mindful practices such as yoga, with purple toned lighting often been used for energizing and inspiring. The colour is also believed to have a calming effect on the mind and nerves and is believed to inspire creativity.

Pantone believes that Ultraviolet reflects what societies are looking for this year stating:


“We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination. It’s about putting your own stamp on something.”


The Pantone colour of the year can often influence trends throughout many industries such as Fashion, Interiors, Architecture, Beauty and Furniture design.


OrangeBox Pace Chair

Orangebox Pace Chair


Purple Freestor Accent Lockers with Pico Desks

Freestor Accent Lockers with Pico Desks


Purple booth next to abstract flakes in the office of a government department

Boss Design Shuffle chairs with Abstracta Airleaf


We asked our Interior Designer Nadia Al-Chalaby to give us her thoughts on the colour of the year and how she thinks it will work within the Office Interior Industry:

“Worldwide Colour Company Pantone has chosen an enigmatic blue purple shade named Ultra Violet as its colour of the year. Dramatically provocative and mysterious are words that have been used to describe this colour which are emblematic of the pop icon Prince the sole inspiration behind this year’s choice.

For Interior designers, this will be an exciting exploration into a journey of colour and ingenuity. Ultra Violet symbolizes bohemianism and individuality allowing designers to push the boundaries of the social norm by creating spaces which truly reflect the individuality of an organisation and fully encompass brand ethos into their place of work.

In 2017 we saw the rise in agile workspaces and smarter ways of working, companies stripped back their busy cluttered offices in exchange for open plan environments featuring hot desks and multifunctional spaces allowing their staff to work in surroundings they felt promotes individual and group creativity. Biophilia has also been at the forefront of many office designs as the innate connection has been proven to increase health and wellbeing which greatly impacts the productivity of a workforce. Introducing this year’s Pantone Ultra Violet into the workplace will be harmonious with smarter ways of working. The colour itself promotes mindfulness practices and works in conjunction with the current philosophy designers and employers are trying to promote of connection and wellbeing in the workplace.

The introduction of UltraViolet as a block colour will be a bold statement, albeit used in the correct environment as an accent in a busy office or as stitching or stud detail on large landscape furnishings it can instantly modernise a room and bring life to plain subdued spaces. The versatility of this colour is brilliant for designers as it can really be used from one extreme to the other, paired with complimenting colours to create cool thought provoking spaces or used as a statement in the centre of the room this colour will bring innovative designs that will push designers to rethink spaces and really used colour to influence design.”

Ultraviolet mood board

You can see more purple installation images from us here and we will also be updating our colour of the year Pinterest board throughout 2018 too!