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Our popular Pico Office Desking range is a versatile office desking system which uses shared components that make easily adaptable shapes for the workplace. With a wide range of desk configurations, it is easy to make a unique and varied office layout suitable for all workplace environments.

Why use different shape desks?

Rectangular bench systems are an office staple and are an ideal way to increase office capacity. The typical rectangular bench desk with privacy screens removes the element of group working, with staff not being able to easily collaborate at different ends of the configuration. However, a different shape worktop can create a varied and interesting office layout which is both eye-catching and interactive. Desk configurations such as the Pico 120 degree desks, or bench desks with a single workstation at each end, are more sociable with staff facing each other. Pico Desks are available in different shapes including: boomerang, L-shape workstations, single wave and double wave tops. The single and double wave desks, have a more ergonomic feel, shaping more around the user’s body in comparison to the standard rectangular bench desks.

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Pico Desk Features

Pico desks are available as single desks (ideal for managerial offices), side-to-side desks,  back-to-back bench desking and 120 degree desks. Our Pico office desks have a full comprehensive cable management system with a central cable tower and shared cable tray. These are all accessible through a sliding top, making it easier and quicker for IT teams to install technology.

“Desking shape has a significant impact on the efficiency of an office or workspace. A good Designer can dictate the style, the look and effectiveness of an office by selecting the correct desk shape for a task, encouraging collaboration between staff.” 

– Nadia Al-Chalaby, Interior Designer.

The Pico Desk range is future-proofed which means, by utilising shared components, the desks can reconfigure, expand and reduce if the business needs change. The workstations can also be installed with CPU holders, monitor arms, desk mounted screens and power and data modules for a full IT desk set-up. Pico also comes in a wide range of steel and MFC finishes to suit any office environment and has 4 distinct leg options including goalpost (rectangular) legs and A frame legs.

Our Pico desk range is available in Revit building information modelling (BIM) blocks and CAD blocks which allows you to create your own desk layout. This is available to download here. See a 120 degree desk installation on our E.ON case study.

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