Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality & 3D Office Walkthroughs

Virtual reality is the ultimate office design tool offered by Flexiform.

Virtual Reality

Each clients office or education space plans are available to view in static 360 and fully immersive virtual reality (VR). This latest technology allows our clients to walk around and get a feel for their new workspace months before they move in. Our design team are fully equipped to attend site, working directly with architects, specifiers and clients before committing to a full design scheme. This allows the client to get a sense of how their workspace will look, and gives the opportunity to move/ swop products, change colours, walls, carpets and more. If viewing in the full VR these changes can be reviewed live while wearing the headset, ensuring that clients are able to refine their vision, influence decision makers and get exactly the design/interior they want.

VR and static 360 are the next steps up in visualising office designs, accompanied with office plans, it gives the clients a true understanding of their new space. Below you will be able to learn more about the difference between ‘Static 360’ and ‘VR’.

“VR gives the client a fully immersive experience, allowing them to move throughout the corridors, sit down at the desks, get a feel for the boardrooms, and experience shared spaces”

Lucie Carr, Space Planner and Interior Designer

Roundme 360 Static Visuals

Static 360

  • 360 degree view of the office
  • Hop between pre-selected anchor points in the office
  • Automatically pans the room or use cursor to move
  • Available to view on any phone, tablet or computer with internet
  • Emailed URL Link allows clients to view from different locations
Concept Drawings for Office Design

Virtual Reality

  • Virtually walk through any part of your office while wearing the VR headset
  • Turn your head while wearing the headset to look around the office
  • View is set at eye height for a more realistic experience
  • Live Changes can be made there and then
  • Requires Flexiform member of staff to visit each client to view

Would you like a demonstration?

You will soon be able to download and run an example of our Free Roam and Fully Immersive VR.

Please note: Due to the live rendering nature of this technology, a fast GPU is essential for a more pleasurable viewing experience. We recommend the minimum of the NVIDIA GTX 980 GPU. Slower GPU’s will work, however it may mean waiting several seconds to fully render resulting in a slower framerate.

For more information about VR and how Flexiform use this new technology, please contact Daniel: