Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality & 3D Office Walkthroughs

Virtual reality is the ultimate office design tool offered by Flexiform.

What is Virtual Reality?

Flexiform have a team of designers and planners on hand to design you the perfect office – As innovators in Office design and planning, Flexiform has invested in the latest Virtual Reality software thanks to our new VR system, we not only design the perfect interior for you, specific the best products for you, we can also walk you around  your new office before you actually move in.

How does it work?

This fully immersive experience allows our design team to design a full office scheme and clients to take a tour around their project and to really get a feel for how the finished project will look months before actually moving in.  Simply put on the headset and walk around your office, examining every aspect of the design in detail – from the choice of desk design through to the position of a specific user.

Live 3D Rendering

What is the benefit?

The benefits are huge, before committing to a full design scheme, clients can get a real sense of how their office will look and feel before spending any of that precious budget. Clients and staff will have a much better understanding of where their place is within their office. Teams can also better understand where they are placed and how they can interact with other departments.

Any visual issues can addressed to improve the flow of the office. The finish of the interior can be assessed to infinite detail – A meeting room can be moved and replaced with a  break out area. We can detail right down to where the water machine is placed.

Not quite sure “that” design is right?

Not a problem!  All our interior schemes and product designs are created in Revit by our own designers and engineers, giving us total control over products and projects  – Products can be moved, adapted and redesigned by our in house designers.   Our design team are fully equipped to attend site, working directly with architects, specifiers and clients.

The team have the ability to make changes live in Revit, moving walls, doors, interior details, and instantly pushing these changes straight through to the virtual model – ensuring that you are able to refine your vision, influence decision makers and get exactly the design /interior that you want.


Would you like a demonstration?

Free Roam & Fully Immersive VR

You will soon be able to download and run an example of our Free Roam and Fully Immersive VR.

Please note: Due to the live rendering nature of this technology, a fast GPU is essential for a more pleasurable viewing experience. We recommend the minimum of the NVIDIA GTX 980 GPU. Slower GPU’s will work, however it may mean waiting several seconds to fully render.

Virtual Reality

We will soon be releasing a Fully Immersive Virtual Reality example, so keep your eyes peeled! This will be compatible with both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Please note that you will need to meet your headsets minimum GPU requirements to experience this at the best levels.

If you require any more information regarding Virtual Reality, then please contact Daniel: and he will be able to answer any questions you may have.