Donaldson Timber

Donaldson Timber is a leading processor, manufacturer and distributor of timber around the UK. Flexiform was contacted at the beginning of 2016 to provide furniture for the company’s new office building, with the brief to combine functionality with a clean, contemporary style.

After providing initial visual concepts and layouts, Flexiform completed a storage survey to determine the specific requirements for Donaldson Timber’s new office building. In order to complement the natural wood finishes and exposed beams in the office, vibrant green fabrics were selected as a feature colour to create a subtle earthy feel. A variety of textures and finishes throughout the office compliment this core aesthetic, with white and grey metalwork, hardwood flooring, muted carpets and even a reflective glass worktop combined to create a clean, contemporary look.


  • CLIENT: Donaldson Timber.
  • LOCATION: Scotland.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Jemma Ryan.
  • PRODUCTS: Additions 2 Tables, Additions Pedestal Base Tables, Stacking Plastic Chairs, CPU Holders, Freestor Tambour Storage, Pico Bench Desks, Freestor Side Filer, Sofas, Monitor Arms, Pico Single Desks, Bespoke Freestor Side Filer.
  • WORKSPACES: Open Plan Offices, Staff Canteen, Meeting Rooms.
  • SERVICES: Storage Survey, Moodboards, Interior Design, Space Planning, Bespoke Furniture.
Internal Design and Survey Departments

Flexiform’s team of Space Planners and Storage Surveyors consulted each department to provide input on the layout and feel of their workspace, with three different styles of Pico bench desks provided. Rectangular, double wave, and individual workstations were installed to suit the specific needs of each department. All desks were provided with a full IT setup, including CPU holders and monitor arms, taking advantage of Pico’s cable management trays. Some side filer storage was specifically designed to include a bespoke upholstered top, which offers an additional seating position for breakout meetings and discussions amongst staff. Finally, Additions 2 tables with A3 painted legs were provided as meeting tables, with the clean, minimalistic finishes complimenting this stylish installation.