Inovo, Phase 1

Inovo is a new Grade-A office development located within Scotland’s emerging International Technology and Renewable Energy Zone. As a furniture supplier to this project, Flexiform were required to contribute towards Inovos green credentials while keeping a strong, tidy, modern design style throughout. The furniture was initially required for the first floor offices, entrance and break out area in 2014, and for further offices in 2015

All the products Flexiform provided for the Inovo project contributed towards the low carbon footprint and message the building has achieved. With a British Council for Offices (BCO) awards earned for the building, we are thrilled to have been part of this project.


  • CLIENT: Inovo.
  • LOCATION: Glasgow, Scotland.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Jemma Ryan.
  • PRODUCTS: Pico Bench Desks, Desk Mounted Screen, Task Seating, Freestor Tambour, Boardroom Table, Power & Data, Reception Seating & Coffee Table, High and Low Back Lounge Chairs, Coffee Table, Meeting Seating.
  • WORKSPACES: Small Business Offices, Reception, Shared Communal Coffee Lounge, Ad Hoc Working, Boardroom.
  • SERVICES: Space Planning, Visuals.
  • AWARDS: British Council for Offices 2014 Awards: Scotland Regional Commercial Workplace Award.

Scottish Enterprise’s Inovo building was one of the first buildings to install Flexiform’s rectangular loop leg for the Pico desk. The rectangular loop legs answered the brief perfectly adding a modern, clean style while retaining Pico’s strength, flexibility and function. The desking had an additional 370mm-high screen to divide workspaces; these had a bright blue finish on one side, contrasting with a grey finish on the other side. Within the first floor offices, Flexiform installed additional Freestor Tambour units in white, with CPU holders to keep the design neat, tidy, and easy to use. Flexiform supplied a range of seating and tables for the breakout and entrance areas, which were durable, stylish, and environmentally friendly – an essential part of the brief. To further maintain the Eco brief the chairs were finished in a Scottish wool fabric. All Flexiform products are carefully designed and manufactured with a low carbon footprint, while still providing a strong, high-quality product. We are part of FIRA, and the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme through FIRA, as well as having an ISO 14001 and FSC® certification.