PSA Office Furniture Fitout

Flexiform has recently completed the full office fit-out and installation of furniture for PSA (Financial Services) Ltd in Leicester. We worked alongside Neweglish Design who aided in the design process of this installation. The open-plan office houses over 90% of Flexiform products, with additional furniture from our handpicked partners. The installation took place during the heart of the Covid-19 lockdown, bringing new challenges for both Flexiform and the clients in-house team. Our Project Management and Delivery teams ensured communication between all of our in-house departments and on-site teams was clear and in line with the latest Government guidelines and the client teams were informed throughout the installation.

Within the open-plan office area, Pico back-to-back desks and Jot-Up height adjustable desks offer assigned workstations for office-based staff. The height adjustable desking gives staff the option of sitting or standing throughout the day, improving movement, circulation and wellbeing. Additional hot desking facilities were configured from Pico side-to-side desks, providing ad-hoc staff a comfortable space to work while in the office and creating a consistent style throughout the space.


  • LOCATION: Leicester.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Marcus Cunningham.
  • PRODUCTS: Additions pedestal based table, Additions Executive flip-top table, Pico back-to-back desks, Pico side-to-side desks, Bespoke Pico single desk with meeting table extension, Equity task chair, Olé Wood chair with additional seat pads, Freestor Tambours, Freestor Side Fillers, Jot-Up Lite height adjustable desk, Pedestals, Storage Planters, Bespoke Fyn Screens, Dining seating, high back acoustic chairs.
  • WORKSPACES: Collaboration spaces, open-plan offices, managerial office, reception areas, meeting spaces, dining space.
  • SERVICES: Furniture manufacture, bespoke furniture design, furniture installation.

All the office desks are completed with desk mounted privacy screens, monitor arms, power and data modules, and a comprehensive cable management system with sliding top and cable tray. Flexiforms’ Equity task chairs fully equipped with body balance mechanism, seat slide adjustment, and adjustable lumbar support, these were selected to further enhance staff’s comfort, allowing the staff to tailor the chair to their individual needs, and in return boosting PSA’s productivity. 

Throughout the office, a mixture of Freestor Tambours and Freestor side filers offers staff ample office storage to store any work-related documents, keeping their workspaces clean and clear. Throughout the office, storage units were topped with planters to add a touch of biophilia and improve air quality throughout the offices. Each office-based member of staff benefitted from under-desk pedestals for personal storage, giving instant access to stationary, files, and personal belongings. Throughout the office, bespoke (large) upholstered freestanding acoustic screens were strategically placed to provide privacy and absorb noise, helping staff to focus.

The collaboration and meeting spaces are made up of our Additions Executive flip-top tables or Additions pedestal base tables featuring our Olé Wooden chairs with seat pads and a raised polished base, together creating a smart meeting space suitable for visitors. The choice of meeting table differed depending on the function of the room, opting for flip-top tables if they needed to be reconfigured for training, expanded or reduced in size, or simply folded and nested away.

Other meeting spaces were provided throughout the office, installing high back acoustic chairs provision for 1-2-1 meetings and quick chats. Our Additions pedestal base tables were selected for the dining area, creating a laid back and comfortable setting for staff to unwind and relax during lunch breaks. Together, PSA’s offices are modern, comfortable, and designed to work for their needs.