Willmott Dixon Interiors

Flexiform partnered with Willmott Dixon Interiors to create their new offices, assisting in walk throughs and renders, before finalising the full spec ready for manufacture and installation. The refit and installation took place across all five floors of their London headquarters. The floors boast an array of different furniture, including personal lockers with bespoke vinyl graphics, meeting tables, freestanding acoustic panels and more. The furniture has been styled to open up the floors, whilst creating more variety of habitat for collaboration space, as well as solo working.

The workstations are made up of our Pico back-to-back desking with a FENIX NTM® worktop, acoustic privacy screens to reduce distractions, and full cable management to ensure a clear workspace. At the end of these desks are our Freestor Hinged Door storage units and planters finished in black. The additional office storage keeps paperwork per department safe and compartmental, whilst the planters add a touch of nature to the workplace, adding greenery and improving airflow. Our Pico 120 degree desks are included in the office design, making for an icon/spacious bank of workstations for the Directors on the floor amongst their teams. Underneath each desk, personal storage is courtesy of our Pedestals again finished in black, specified for storage of personal belongings and documents.


  • CLIENT: Willmott Dixon Interiors.
  • LOCATION: London.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Nicholas Ruggles.
  • PRODUCTS: Ferro tables, Jot-Up Meet height adjustable table, Additions pedestal table, Additions 2 table, Additions Executive flip-top table, Metal Lockers with bespoke wrap, free standing Acoustic Panels, 120 Pico desks, Pico back-to-back desks, Pedestals, laser cut recycling bins, single work pods, Freestor Hinged Door storage, Planters, Task chairs, soft seating and stools, Wilson Tables with FENIX NTM® top, sofas, benches and Jot-Up Lite with FENIX NTM® top.
  • WORKSPACES: Collaborative Spaces, Meeting Spaces, Open Plan Offices, Quiet Working Zones, Reception Areas, and Breakout Areas.
  • SERVICES: Bespoke furniture, furniture design, visuals, and manufacture.

The Freestor office storage lockers feature a bespoke graphic wrap created by Willmott Dixon Interiors to encapsulate their company logo within an elegant pattern. The combination lock ensures personal belongings are safely put away during office hours, reducing any clutter around workspaces. With agile working becoming more apparent in the workplace, these personal storage lockers provide a safe space for those who don’t necessarily have a desk and allows staff to move freely around the office to suit their task in hand. Our laser cut recycling bins with a central lock, sloping top and drop hole, and removable bin can also be found in the open plan office and canteen areas on all floors.

Collaboration areas are scattered throughout the office, made up of our various Flexiform tables featuring a FENIX NTM® top with contrasting chamfered edges and surrounded by a wide variety of both swivel, fixed base and soft chairs. For those who want to work alone or away from their desks, high back single working pods are available with power and data.

The tables were a selection of low coffee tables all the way up to poseur height benches and beyond, with our Jot-Up Meet sit/stand table carefully kept to itself with some subtle freestanding acoustic panels positioned close by, reducing any unwanted noises or visual distractions.  

Our Additions 2 tables can be found throughout the open plan office, with various soft seating and task seating. We designed a bespoke Additions 2 table, creating a shape that allows staff to be inclusive when working as a team. This table includes power and data if staff want to bring their laptops with them. Our Executive flip-top table with bespoke power and data can also be found in many of the ground floor meeting rooms allowing for full layout flexibility and multi-use of the space.

You can find our Revit and CAD blocks for our furniture here.