Government Offices 2018

This government interior design and furniture installation was the third phase of a multi-year plan to modernise and improve the work environment by creating both private and collaborative work areas. Flexiform has been working with this high profile client over many years, working hand-in-hand with the project team to create breakout spaces, meeting spaces, cafés and office spaces throughout several buildings.

This project was part of the plan to introduce quiet working and space for staff to focus on specific tasks, alongside a mixture of collaborative and informal breakout spaces.


  • CLIENT: Confidential.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Jemma Ryan.
  • PRODUCTS: Parq Tables Café Area, Breakout Tables, Meeting Chairs, Single Work Pods, Acoustic Suspended Panels, High Back Chairs, Additions 2 Meeting Tables.
  • WORKSPACES: Open Plan Offices, Staff Breakout, Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms, Collaborative Spaces, Quiet Working.
  • SERVICES: Space Planning, Visuals, Site Surveys, Storage Surveys.

In this 2018 installation, the aim was to create agile workspaces with bright and bold colours creating a pleasing and interesting workplace for staff, giving a positive, energised atmosphere suitable for high energy collaborative working. A carefully selected array of breakout furniture was chosen from collaborative tables to individual high back wing chairs for private and quiet working. A range of Freestor Accent Lockers helps to encourage staff to put away their personal belongings and move throughout the office to suit the task at hand.

A significant part of this installation was a consideration for acoustic values.  By using storage to divide spaces with a range of sound absorbing products including high side collaborative tables and ceiling suspended acoustic panels. Using our acoustics knowledge Flexiform were able to create a work environment that encourages staff to collaborate without distracting other staff around them.