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Leeds City Council Merrion House

Case Studies – Leeds Merrion House

As part of Flexiform’s continued partnership with Leeds City Council (LCC), we were tasked with planning the layout of the Merrion House building. Merrion House is one of Leeds City Council’s newest buildings.

This project began with a collaboration between Leeds City Council and our Space Planning department, who put together the layouts that met all of LCC’s criteria. We also manufactured and installed the furniture to match the planned layout.

Office wellbeing was a major factor in the planning stage of Merrion House, which is why Leeds City Council chose to go with height adjustable desking. Jot-up Sit/Stand back to back desks were used at the end of clusters of pico desking from Flexiform. Jot-up Sit/Stand desks are Flexiforms answer to the ongoing questions of the modern workplace and the ergonomic benefits of height adjustable desking.

The Jot-up allows users to adjust the height of their desk at the press of a button, to help reflect a variety of tasks being undertaken. By standing at your work desk you’re able alleviate the negative effects caused by sitting for long periods of time.  With the average office worker spending up to 14 hours a day seated this can have a fundamental effect on your health.

The Jot-up helps to promote a healthy, productive workplace which can have a multiple of benefits to your workforce including increased productivity and reduced staff absences.

Freestor Office Lockers were used to create areas that staff could use for personal storage, allowing office space to encourage flexible working within the space. Metal lockers can also help to maintain a clear desk policy and helps promote free movement throughout the work space, allowing staff to be able to work in a variety of areas around the office.

Leeds Merrion House includes open plan work spaces, a variety of breakout areas, and a selection of informal furniture options designed to create a collaborative, agile working environment to promote well being within this council building.

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  • 1st June 2018