Major Blue Light Facility

Flexiform has recently completed the design, manufacture and supply & installation of contemporary office desks, breakout seating and office storage products for this Major Blue Light Facility. The client received several tailored Flexiform services including detailed storage surveys carried out at the client’s existing office/department locations which were moving to this new facility. This survey allows us to understand how many linear metres of storage a client needs. Other services include Level 2 BIM compliant Space Planning Services from our CRB checked team, plus a number of visuals to aid their design process. Our Space Planning team worked alongside the client, Facilities Managers and Contractors to make amendments to the shared Revit Building Model. Our in-house Design and Engineering team also designed a number of bespoke items including specific tailored charging lockers to include removable split level trays and in built power and USB charging. Special height screens, with tailored graphics designed and applied, were used for specific working groups.

The reception area houses our Additions Pedestal tables and a cluster of soft seating for visitors to sit comfortably during their visit. In addition, the breakout seating and table welfare area has a vibrant mix of product and colour, for dining and relaxing during the working day.


  • CLIENT: Major Blue Light Facility.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Phil Roberts.
  • PRODUCTS: Additions Pedestal Based tables, Additions Double Pedestal tables, Additions Square based tables, Additions V Flip-Top table, chrome wired chairs, stools, modular sofa, Pico back-to-back desks, Single desks, electric sit-stand desks, low Freestor Tambours, Freestor Office Lockers, Bespoke L shaped Cycling lockers, Bespoke metal lockers, Bespoke Laptop/Phone Charging Lockers, soft seating, task chairs, Coat Stands, Bespoke breakout Lounge chairs, Bookcases, Lectern, CPU Cradles and Desk/Table Electrics.
  • WORKSPACES: Open plan office, Agile working, workstations, cafe/canteen, meeting rooms.
  • SERVICES: Bespoke Product Design and Manufacture, Space Planning, Visuals. Storage Survey and assessment.

The open plan offices feature our Pico back-to-back desks with white tops and multiplex edging and goal post legs. These desks also have our crank kits added so staff can adjust the worktop height by up to 120mm to suit them. The acoustic screens on the desks are in line with the office colour scheme and remove any noise or visual distractions. Our Freestor Tambours are available for storage space for any work related documents to be stored.

There are a range of lockers installed in this Blue Light Facility for a number of different uses, including our Freestor Accent office lockers with bespoke colour combination and high-security DC Locks. These metal lockers can be found in the main office for personal items and work related storage. Additionally, we adapted our standard metal lockers for coats and other personal belongings to meet the client’s requirements. The bespoke changing room lockers feature a new ventilation system help to keep clothing fresh, whilst sloped tops discourage staff storing any items on the top of the lockers. Locker numbers have been added for personalisation and accurate allocation, and a cam lock to ensure items are safely stored away.

Our Design and Engineering Team created a bespoke ‘L’ shaped cycle locker, providing two individual lockers with a shelf and full-length coat rail, offering maximum storage within a minimum footprint. These lockers are again fully ventilated to keep coats fresh, featuring digital keypad locks and sloping tops. 

Bespoke laptop, phone and equipment charging lockers were designed to suit the client’s requirements to include concealed power and a USB charging station.  These metal lockers are fully ventilated and can charge two laptops, mobile phones and other equipment in one compartment. These uniquely designed lockers feature a cam lock, locker number, three-quarter shelf (to access the power module at the rear), and extra equipment storage holder behind the door. The breakout canteen area comprises our Additions Pedestal based tables, Additions Pedestal Square based tables and Additions Double Pedestal tables surrounded by chrome wired chairs, as well as poseur height tables and stools.

The chairs are in line with the colour scheme provided by this Blue Light Facility. Modular sofas are available in this space with built-in power and data. The meeting rooms house our Additions V Flip-Top tables including inset power modules with HDMI. In some rooms we have supplied our low Freestor Ventilated Tambour storage units, being used as a credenza for electrical equipment for TV presentations and general storage.

All our products are available in BIM Level 2 compliant Revit Blocks to implement them into your office designs. Find them here.