NHS Business Services Authority

As part of our ongoing relationship with NHS Business Services Authority, there was a requirement to design the office and supply the newly refurbished Newburn Warehouse with Office Furniture and Breakout Spaces. Working closely with the client and internal staff Flexiform helped to achieve their aesthetic aspirations for the office. Flexiform designed, manufactured and installed office furniture, breakout seating and meeting furniture across the site specified in a unique colour scheme to suit the overall design and theme of the office space.

“We selected a versatile and adaptable range of products for NHS BSA’s offices, allowing us to create various configurations and working environments, yet maintaining product consistency throughout each organisational hub. This gives the client total flexibility to reconfigure products and work areas as their requirements change” Lucie Carr, Space Planner


  • CLIENT: NHS Business Services Authority.
  • LOCATION: Newcastle.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Rob Waterhouse.
  • PRODUCTS: Jot-Up Back-to-Back Desks, Pico Back-to-Back Bench Desks, Desk Mounted Screens, Monitor Arms, Freestor Accent Lockers, Freestor Tambour, Freestor Tambour Wardrobe, Collaboration Booth, Bespoke Additions 2 Tables, Task Seating, Bespoke Additions Meeting Table, Meeting Chairs, Banquette Seating, Additions Pedestal Base Tables, Freestor Side Filer Storage.
  • WORKSPACES: Open Plan Offices, Boardroom Table, Staff Breakout, Collaboration Zones, Meeting Rooms.
  • SERVICES: Space Planning, Visuals.

At the Newburn Warehouse, we have installed NHS BSA’s standard range of office furniture to keep visual and operational consistency across their various sites. This “standard” range includes our Pico back-to-back bench desking with Jot-Up height adjustable desks on the end, specified with double monitor arms, privacy screens and on-desk electrics for a full IT set-up. The banks of desk have bespoke Freestor Accent lockers on the end for personal storage and feature keypad locks, bottom drawers and label holders.

For the Boardroom we designed and manufactured a bespoke Additions 2 table complete with a central cut-out feature to allow easily accessible cable management, finished with our chrome A3 (triangular legs). In the breakout and collaboration areas the client chose a range of banquette seating and meeting booths to provide a stunning complement to the office space and provide away from the desk work areas featuring with grey and yellow accents.