Valuation Office Agency (VOA)

Flexiform has recently completed the manufacture and fit-out of workspace furniture for Valuation Office Agency (VOA). A key part of the brief was to ensure the products matched the colour theme presented by VOA, with different hues of purple present throughout.

The workstations feature both our Pico back-to-back desks and Jot-Up height adjustable desks. Both styles of desking boast desk mounted, monitor arms, power and data, and a comprehensive cable management system. The Jot-Up desks allows the user to electronically adjust the height of their desk. Providing staff with a standing option promotes wellbeing and allows them to move throughout the day which can improve circulation. Jot-Up features a sliding top, providing easy access to the cable tray beneath. The central privacy screens have a fabric core which allows it to serve two purposes – it aids in removing distractions and works as an acoustic barrier to prevent noise disturbances.


  • CLIENT; Valuation Office Agency
  • LOCATION: Stoke-on-Trent
  • PROJECT LEAD: Rob Waterhouse
  • PRODUCTS: Pico Bench Desks, Central Privacy Screens, On-Desk Electrics, Task Seating, Monitor Arm, Jot-Up Height Adjustable Desks, Poseur Height Parq Table, Wooden Stools, Media Booths, Freestor Accent Lockers, Freestor Tambour Storage Mid Height and Low Height,
  • WORKSPACES: Traditional Open Plan Offices, Collaborative Workspaces, Informal Meeting Areas.
  • SERVICES: Interior Design, Furniture Design and Manufacture.

Freestor Tambours can be found at the end of each bank of desks, providing a storage solution within the office. The low tambour storage also extends the work surface, providing staff with more space to work. Medium height Freestor Tambours can also be found at the back of the workstations, helping to break this section from the collaborative and quiet working area. 

The three toned media booths provide a semi-private setting for those who need to break away from the workstations for meetings, group working, and 1-2-1’s. The central table with power and data installed allows for staff to bring their laptops if they require a place for quiet working. Our poseur height Parq table with wooden stools are located in the breakout area and can also be useful for collaborations and group discussions. 

Our bespoke 8 door Freestor Accent Lockers can be found by the media booths, featuring label holders which are suitable for workers to slip in their business cards. The lockers also feature bottom drawers, making them easier for people to use, and have 4-digit combination locks for security. Workspace lockers provide a secure location for employees to safely store their personal belongings, allowing them to move around freely throughout the office.