Mental Welfare Commission

Flexiform have completed the relocation for Mental Welfare Commission in Edinburgh. New workspaces have been created in the open plan office, including: quiet working areas and collaborative workspaces. Offering staff a plethora of workspaces paves the way for agile working and collaborative working, giving them a chance to come together with other departments in the office. 

The workstations are made up of our Jot-Up Sit/Stand Desks and Pico Back-to-Back Bench Desks with task chairs. Every other bank of desks has the  sit/standing desks, boasting bespoke coloured infill strips and discs, following the colour scheme of the office. Each individual workstation has cable management so they can move independent of each other. These desks allow movement throughout the day, improving physical and mental health. The Pico bench desks have contrasting infill tubes instead of a desk mounted screen which allows it to be more open and social. Our Freestor Tambours with contrasting carcass, shutter doors and metal tops have also been placed at the end of each workstation, providing a maximum storage solution without taking too much floorspace.


  • CLIENT: Mental Welfare Commission.
  • LOCATION: Scotland.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Jemma Ryan
  • PRODUCTS: Jot-Up Sit/Stand Desks, Pico Back-to-Back Bench Desks, M2 Connect 2 Monitor Arm, Freestor Tambour Storage, Monitor Arms, Task Seating, Freestor Accent Lockers, Poseur Height Collaborative Bench, Draughtsman Chairs, Planters, Suspended Acoustic Panels, Quiet Work Booth, Media Booth, Phone Booth.
  • WORKSPACES: Open Plan Offices, Quiet Working, Meeting Rooms, Collaborative Spaces.
  • SERVICES: Site Relocation.
  • COLLABORATION: Form Design

In the collaborative workspaces, the Media Booths, with high backs and a central table, give staff a place to collaborate for semi-private informal meetings or a place to breakout and relax. The additional Quiet Work Pods provide a space to focus and concentrate and is perfect for individual working. In this area you will also find a fitted in phone booth, providing a private setting for employees. It improves efficiency as it reduces distractions whilst the other staff work. 

Our Freestor Accent Lockers with bespoke colour, post slots, cam locks, label holders and bottom drawers have been placed against the back wall of the open plan space. Personal lockers are becoming more and more popular in the office, allowing workers to store all their personal belongings in one place. 

Acoustic suspended panels surround the collaborative and quiet working areas. Acoustic panels improve wellbeing and productivity, as well as dimming down any distracting sounds from other parts of the office. The office boasts a beautiful Birch Falls Tree Design which has been imprinted on the glass. This alongside our planters on every other bank of cupboards have been influenced by biophilic trends and wellbeing.