Frank Recruitment

Frank Recruitment

Frank Recruitment Group partnered Flexiform Business Furniture to produce a high capacity office layout with facilities for collaborative work and office breakout spaces.

Our traditional bench desking system Pico, was selected for its flexible qualities and advanced cable management system.  Featuring a sliding top, the Pico system gives full IT access to cables, even when the desks are in use, allowing IT upgrades and reconfiguration a breeze. Our Pico desk system can be extended and reduce over time with the simple extension packs and can be specified with 800mm to 1800mm wide workspaces.


On this installation to maximise overall capacity, the client chose 1200mm wide desks with central infill tubes (not screens) and double monitor arms. The desks were split up with a central collaborative booth with power and data for team meetings, not only breaking up space visually and functionally, but also helping to absorb sound throughout the offices.

To keep the office space clear, staff were supplied with individual Freestor Accent lockers for bags and personal possessions, with ventilated Freestor Tambour wardrobes to hang coats. A central breakout area with high bench seating and relaxing sofas were also supplied in a range of bright and enthusiastic colours to complete the interior theme.

Project Lead: Nick Saunders