Frank Recruitment Group London

Continuing on from the success of the Frank Recruitment Group installation in 2018, Flexiform have recently completed the full office fitout and installation of the London offices. The open plan office boasts individual offices, boardrooms, ad-hoc and breakout areas and houses 200 staff members. Upon entering the offices in London, the main reception area has a biophilic feel, housing an abundance of plants. Not only do plants add a natural feel to the office space, allowing staff and visitors to be connected with nature, they also help with cleaning air flow. The reception area also has a seating area for visitors, including a low back sofa and wire frame chairs. These surround our Additions table with a pedestal base.

Our popular Additions table range sits in all areas of the open plan office, including the meeting rooms and breakout area. The tables boast a range of finishes, including: pedestal bases with power and data feeding through, and Prestige flip-top tables.


  • CLIENT: Frank Recruitment Group.
  • LOCATION: Centennium House, London.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Nick Saunders.
  • PRODUCTS: Jot-Up Back-To-Back Desks, Pico Single Desks, CPU Holders, Monitor Arms, Pedestals, Metal Lockers, Freestor Tambour Wardrobe, Credenza, Additions 2 Table, Additions 4 Leg Tables, Additions Pedestal Table, Additions Prestige Flip-Top Table, Media Booths, Soft Seating, Sofas, Wire Frame Chairs, Task Chairs.
  • WORKSPACES: Open Plan Office for 200 staff, Individual Offices and CEO Office, Boardroom, Meeting and Conference Spaces, Collaborative Workspaces, Reception, Breakout/ Café Space.

Within the boardroom, our Additions 2 rectangular table with A2 powder coated legs is surrounded by high-back, leather and chrome meeting chairs. Additionally, in one of the meeting rooms sits a bespoke Additions 2 table with an oval black top surrounded by our Credenza. The oval tops are ideal for increased collaboration, ensuring everyone can see and hear each other.

Personal office lockers and Freestor high Tambour storage units have been used to break up the different workspaces within the open plan office at Frank Recruitment. Our Metal Lockers boast a 4-digit combination lock, label holder and multi-coloured doors, and have a unique ventilated design that helps keep employees belongings fresher whilst at work. These have been installed for commuting staff, to give them extra space. The combination of these personal lockers are becoming more and more popular within the office, allowing employees to store their personal belongings safely in one place. This, in turn, allows employees to move around freely throughout the office. The Freestor Tambours provide maximum storage space whilst reducing the amount of office footprint it takes.

The workstations include our Pico bench desk range with sliding tops, goalpost frames, built-in monitor arms and full cable management, ensuring workspaces are clear of any loose cables. To create a percentage of desks as fully height adjustable, we installed our Jot-Up sit/standing back-to-back desks. In the cellular offices is our Pico single desk with a desk return, modesty panel and sliding tops. This creates a workstation desk style set-up and was specified with the same comprehensive cable management system to ensure a tidy workspace. 

The 3-seater booths in the breakout area and the media booths in the office both have built-in power and data modules and high backs to absorb sound, providing employees with a semi-private space for informal meetings and 1-2-1’s. The breakout area also houses our Additions Pedestal Base Tables, Additions 4 Leg Coffee Table and Additions 2 Bar Height Tables with a mixture of soft seating, loop stools and wire frame chairs.