Manchester Office Installation

We recently completed the design, manufacture, and installation of new office furniture and the relocation of existing furniture for this client. The open plan office space was utilised to create workspaces that allow staff to collaborate with each other, and also work privately with minimal distractions. 

Upon entering the reception, our Freestor hinged door storage with oak top complements the finish of the reception desk and provides secure storage space. The workstations are comprised of our Pico office desks, Jot-Up Lite height-adjustable desks, and task chairs. The Pico desks feature full cable management, monitor arms, and sliding tops, allowing easier access to cables, whilst the Jot-Up Lite is fully height adjustable, providing staff with the freedom of sitting or standing throughout the day. The desks also include built-in screens for privacy at a height that doesn’t discourage team conversations. For storage, our 3-drawer Freestor side filers provide a space for staff to securely place any work-related documents and maintain a clear workspace.


  • LOCATION: Manchester.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Ashley Linden-New.
  • PRODUCTS: Pico single desks, Jot-Up Lite, Additions Executive flip-top table, Additions pedestal table, high back booths, Encompass individual booths, Freestor side filer storage, Freestor hinged door storage, Freestor lockers, Flexilink 555 Shelving, Melita stacking chairs, poseur height table, soft seating, 3-seat sofa, breakout and collaboration seating, upholstered stools, stools, task chairs, and screens.
  • WORKSPACES: Collaboration workspaces, cafe/dining, meeting rooms, and workstations.
  • SERVICES: Removal and recycling of existing furniture, bespoke furniture, demo furniture prior to order.

The collaborative spaces include poseur height tables and stools for quick group chats and team meetings. The two-toned media booths provide a semi-private setting for those who require a break away from the workstations for meetings, group working, and 1-2-1’s. Additionally, our Encompass Individual work booths can be used by staff who require a workspace with minimal distractions and a private space for projects that require their full attention. The acoustic high backs on both these booths aid in reducing both noise and visual distractions. For casual conversations, our Additions pedestal base tables and upholstered chairs provide a comfortable and informal setting. 

Our Freestor Accent lockers were chosen to provide safe storage space for staff’s personal belongings which also aids in a clear workspace. The colour theme on the lockers is present throughout the offices, with our Melita stacking chairs were also chosen in red and blue to complement the theme in the cafe/dining space. Our Additions pedestal based tables at dining height are also present here. The modular L shape sofa and upholstered stools provide an informal space for staff to socialise during their lunch breaks.