Children's Hearings Scotland

Working with Children’s Hearings Scotland, Flexiform have designed, manufactured and installed furniture throughout their office. Upon entering, our 10 Freestor Accent Lockers with 4-digit combination locks and post slots can be seen. The lockers also have bottom drawers to make the bottom level easy to access. Providing personal storage allows workers to store their belongings safely in one place.

Through the addition of a large Poseur height touch down table, staff have a new relaxed space to hold impromptu meetings. Our Pico back-to-back bench desks with infill rail, double monitor arms, and goalpost legs and Jot-Up Lite sit/stand desks have also been incorporated seamlessly into the workspace. The desks are manufactured with 25mm high pressure laminate tops in Nebraska Oak. The laminate tops feel more textured, more natural. The staff breakout area houses our Parq bench tables with 25mm white mfc top creating a contemporary chunky aesthetic.


  • CLIENT: Children's Hearings Scotland.
  • LOCATION: Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Jemma Ryan.
  • PRODUCTS: Freestor Accent Lockers, Collaborative Bench, Flip Top Tables, Meeting Chairs, Addition Tables, Addition Pedestal Base Table, Credenza, Parq Tables, Additions 2 Tables, Pico Bench Desks, Jot-Up Lite Sit/Stand Desks, Task Seating, Double Monitor Arms, Soft Seating, Media Booths, Collaborative Bench, Suspended Acoustic Panels.
  • WORKSPACES: Staff Breakout Area, Open Plan Office, Collaborative Space, Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms.
  • SERVICES: Space Planning, Visuals, Furniture Design & Manufacture.
  • COLLABORATION: Form Design

“By removing desk screens, collaborative working happens organically. The option for staff to stand whilst working has been a huge success and these desks are the most popular in the office space.”

Lynne Harrison, Business Manager.

The collaborative area boasts a Wilson table with hand spun solid oak legs, cable management and in-desk power and data. The acoustic suspended panels surrounding this area gives users privacy and helps to absorb ambient office noise. By using acoustic panels in this project area, it has changed the way the team works, increasing the opportunity for collaboration by creating areas with a sense of seclusion, away from the workstations within the open plan space. The media booths have high backs to absorb sound and gives users privacy during semi-private meetings. These media booths have integrated tables, monitor brackets and power and data which is perfect for presentations or research. They also aid in dividing up the spaces in the office, creating zones.

The meeting rooms and boardrooms in Children’s Hearings Scotland feature a range of our Additions tables. The meeting rooms house a mixture of circular Additions Pedestal Base Tables and Additions Oval Tables (shown right), while the boardroom has our reconfigurable Additions Prestige flip top tables and our new 2 door Credenza. The flexibility of flip-top tables give a fully reconfigurable work area that is being fully utilised to support formal and informal meetings and training events and these tables stack/nest together in a vertical position when not in use for space saving storage. Whilst the Credenza is a standalone unit designed to create a visual impact and provides a storage solution for both meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Here at Flexiform, we are incredibly pleased to have worked with Children’s Hearings Scotland and we feel we have created a modern work place that fits in with the clients needs, providing workspace solutions for collaborative working.