Government Organisation

With our ongoing relationship to transform their offices into a smarter working facility, Flexiform aided in the refurbishment of this Government Organisation. Over the past few years, Flexiform have worked with this Government Organisation, providing top level service in bespoke furnishing, space planning and conducting site and storage surveys.

To help visualise their new office, we used our Virtual Reality services to create a walkthrough of all three floors for the client. VR is a fantastic way to visualise the project ahead of installation and make amends along the way. The smarter workplaces team have transformed this three-floor open plan office space which has allowed the space for 3,000 staff to have more breakout and away from the desk work spaces. We have managed to reuse existing storage units previously supplied by Flexiform. We have also brought out furniture from storage that has been collated from other Government locations, driving a major cost saving for the client. We have used the furniture to dramatically transform the central rotunda space for the collaboration and project spaces, and feedback from staff has been extremely positive. Additionally, we provided an upholstery and deep cleaning service, taking existing products that have worn and torn over time, bringing new life into them for the client.


  • CLIENT: Government Organisation.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Jemma Ryan.
  • PRODUCTS: Pico A Frame desking, Jot-Up height adjustable desks, Freestor Tambour storage, Additions Pedestal Base Tables, Parq tables, bespoke Parq table Freestor Accent Lockers, media table, soft seating, task seating, solo work booths, lounge seating, semi-private meeting booths, stools, pods and room dividers, laptop tables, collaborative tables, bespoke Olio storage.
  • WORKSPACES: Open plan office, workstations, meeting rooms, project space, breakout and dining, and refurbishment of task seating.
  • SERVICES: Walk through virtual reality, reupholstery of existing products, products in storage.
  • ONGOING: Previous case study can be found here.

The client has moved to Smarter Working principles and has reduced the number of desks within the open plan office working to an 8:10 ratio. This has greatly improved the flow in spaces, cable management and freed up space for meeting pods and project spaces. This encourages staff to move away from their busy workstations and find a method of working that builds on their strengths and improves work efficiency whilst also encouraging movement between floors enabling people to be more flexible, adaptable, healthy and resilient.

The workstations are a combination of our Pico back-to-back desks and Jot-Up height adjustable desks with additional acoustic barriers. Our Jot up height adjustable desks have been added at 20% across each floor giving staff the option to stand throughout the day and have been a popular addition to the overall project. Providing standing desks can improve circulation and promote wellbeing and staff have expressed their liking to having a standing option whilst at their desks. Both office desking features monitor arms which add to ergonomics and wellbeing and full cable management. At the end of these workstations lie our Freestor Tambours with bespoke glass tops. This provides an easy storage solution for staff at each bank of desks. 

Breaking up the areas is an array of different styles of storage. This includes our Freestor Accent Lockers with post slots and label holders for personal use. These personal lockers provide staff who are not bound to one space a place to store their belongings safely. Our Olio storage breaks up the busier workstations from the soft seating and can be accessed from both sides, providing dual storage with easy access, as well as using the open sections to display materials. The Freestor Tambours have a contrasting shutter and carcass and provide extra storage space for this Government Organisation. 

Throughout the office, you’ll find a vast collection of single working pods, semi-private booths and stools, and soft seating to host a range of meetings or to work privately. The two toned semi-private meeting booths have built-in monitors and power and data for informal meetings and 1-2-1’s. The different designs all include built-in power and data, as well as a laptop holder. The poseur height tables and seating provide space for group work and team meetings and the ‘Shhh’ space is for those who want to work away from their desks. The acoustic panels dim any noises that can cause disturbances from the rest of the open plan office.