Health and Safety Executive

As the national body for workplace health and safety, HSE is an organisation with specific wellbeing requirements. Flexiform were tasked with creating and installing one of the first new Smartworking offices for HSE’s Bedford setup. A Smartworking office is a unique approach to the workplace,  creating specific zones for specific tasks. Collaborative, quiet, and task-based zones have all been provided to suit differing work needs.

This contemporary approach to office design means that the user always has a purpose-built space for the task at hand. A Smartworking office promotes regular movement throughout the day and encourages more interaction within the workplace, which promotes staff wellbeing and boosts morale. Working closely with the client’s Senior Facilities team, Flexiform’s design team created a Smartworking office to suit the existing office space.


  • CLIENT: Health and Safety Executive.
  • LOCATION: Bedford, Bedfordshire.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Northern Hub.
  • PRODUCTS: Jot-Up Sit/Stand Desks, Task Seating, Freestor Accent Lockers, Freestor Side Filers, Lounge Seating, Modular Sofas, Additions 2 Tables, Meeting Seating, Collaborative Workbooth, Office Pod, Freestor Tambour Storage.
  • WORKSPACES: Open Plan Offices, Hot Desks, Collaborative Area, Breakout Area.
  • SERVICES: Space Planning, Interior Design, Visuals.

Given this innovative scheme was the first of its kind, our Design team worked closely with the facilities teams, providing multiple layouts, including two different final options for staff consideration.  Together the team created a layout that suited the principals’ of HSE’s corporate brand and met all of their Smartworking needs. Freestor Accent Lockers were used to replace pedestals, so that users can move between zones comfortably and easily, taking advantage of the Smartworking philosophy. High back booths and seats also offered semi-private spaces for collaboration areas and informal meetings.

Jot-Up sit/stand desks were installed offering high levels of flexibility to promote staff wellbeing and a fluid, functional workplace. Bright fabrics were chosen to promote creativity, collaboration, and a sense of energy, creating a dynamic. interesting workplace. Through working closely alongside the client, Flexiform provided the right knowledge, design, and products to fulfil the concept of a Smartworking office.