Joint Property Plus Programme

As part of the Joint Property Plus Programme, Beacon House has been jointly purchased by the Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Police Authority, and will be jointly occupied by the two organisations. Refurbishment works took place, with joint occupation commencing during the summer of 2012.

A joint strategic approach to bring two Suffolk-based public services together resulted in both organisations co-locating into new premises at Beacon House. Challenges tackled along the way included process integration, new ways of working, and the sharing of services. As a result, the service delivery is now more streamlined, and the joint project partnership brought significant cost savings in property and accommodation. Staff that were previously spread over six buildings moved into a shared space over three floors of Beacon House.


  • CLIENT: Joint Property Plus Programme (Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Police Authority).
  • LOCATION: Beacon House, Suffolk.
  • PROJECT LEAD: London Hub.
  • PRODUCTS: Freestor Hinged Door Storage, Freestor Hinged Door Wardrobe, Bespoke Pico Back-to-Back Desk, Desk Mounted Screen, On-Desk Electrics, Task Seating, Freestor Lockers, Meeting Booths, Additions Pedestal Base Tables, Dining Chairs, Media Unit, Tub Chairs.
  • WORKSPACES: Open Plan Offices, Meeting Rooms, Breakout Areas, Collaborative Spaces.

Flexiform were successful in tendering for the contract to manufacture, supply, and install furniture throughout Beacon House, following a tough process in which the procurement team evaluated furniture quality alongside each manufacturer’s price. The final selection, based on a complex score, showed that Flexiform offered the best value for money.

“The new accommodation provides improved staff facilities in a consistent layout, which helps the newly co-located organisation drive its changes to work styles. Everyone at Flexiform was co-operative, flexible and responsive. The relationship was friendly, with Flexiform trusting the client and never taking an adversarial approach.” – Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Police Authority.

Flexiform supplied 585 flexible workstations for 850 staff. The desks were colour coded to signal flexible and dedicated desks within each team. This saved both space and costs, while keeping functional workspaces intact. Within this space, Flexiform provided a number of storage and breakout solutions for different needs and departments.

Flexiform offer a complete service, from the initial consultation and surveys to manufacturing, installation and aftercare. As we manufacture products ourselves, we are able to respond to client changes in the specification at any point during the production process. All of Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Police Authority’s products were manufactured within six weeks, which ensured both a quick turnaround and minimal disruption.