Visit Scotland Furniture Installation

Working alongside Visit Scotland, Flexiform has completed the full office furniture  fitout and removal of existing furniture from George Square, (a busy city centre location), and relocated them to St Vincent Street. The installation boasts a range of office furniture, including office desking, personal storage lockers, and collaboration furniture. This office refurbishment was done during the global Coronavirus pandemic, and both teams ensured Government rules were followed throughout the install.

The open-plan office features our Jot-Up Lite height-adjustable desks in back-to-back and single configurations, for exceptional comfort when working. Our electric height-adjustable desks offer fantastic versatility as they connect to an app on the employee’s phone, allowing them to choose how long they would like to stand for, what height it should automatically be adjusted to, and how many calories they’d like to burn a day. Pico modular bench desks sit alongside the sit/standing desks and feature on-desk fitted power and data. Both ranges are complete with ergonomically designed task chairs.


  • LOCATION: Glasgow.
  • PROJECT LEAD: Jemma Ryan.
  • PRODUCTS: Pico back-to-back desks, Jot-Up Lite back-to-back desks, Jot-Up Lite single desks, Freestor office lockers, Additions pedestal based table, Additions Executive flip-top table, cantilever chairs, high back booths, office seating, task chairs, and office stools.
  • WORKSPACES: Open plan office, workstations, meeting spaces, and collaboration spaces.
  • SERVICES Furniture manufacture and installation, furniture removal and relocation, bespoke furniture, space planning, and visuals.

Visit Scotland selected Freestor office lockers with post slots, cam locks, and label holders to allow staff to store all their personal belongings in one place, promoting a tidy workspace. The post slots also allow staff to securely post through any mail or notes, acting as pigeon holes too. A range of meeting spaces are available for collaborating, team meetings, and group projects with the Manager’s office featuring a specially designed Additions table for video conferencing meetings. The boardroom is made up of our Additions Executive flip-top tables and traditional cantilever meeting chairs.

The flip-top tables are a great addition to spaces that have numerous uses as the tables are easy to fold and store away helping you repurpose the space. Our Additions single and double pedestal table with a peninsular top is also available for quick chats, informal meetings, and 1-2-1’s. For those requiring a quieter space for work, high back meeting booths can be found in this open-plan space, providing a semi-private space for meetings. The high backs aid in reducing distracting ambient sounds from other parts of the open-plan office. Both Flexiform and Visit Scotland teams worked together to create a collaborative and modern workspace for staff in their open plan office space.