Storage Planters

Storage Planters

Flexiform storage top planters are an excellent way to bring the benefits of live or artificial plants while creating a striking biophilic-inspired office design. The planters are ideal for creating zones to break up an open plan office or simply to add some warmth and natural greenery to an office space. Our range of planter sit directly on top of our storage ranges (Freestor, Jot or Flexiglide MK2), the subtle lines create a natural extension of the unit.

“Our planters are a great way to enhance a biophilic office design with them seamlessly fitting on top of our most popular storage ranges; Freestor, Jot and Flexiglide MK2”

Nadia Al-Chalaby, Interior Designer

Our planters are ideal for both live and artificial plants and are fitted as standard with a waterproof membrane. Teamed up with oxygenating live plants such as Peace Lillys, planters can improve air quality in the office while improving wellbeing of your staff. In addition, the planters also help maintain a clear desk policy, ensuring staff don’t leave items on top of the storage unit. These top-of-unit office planters can be finished in any of Flexiform’s standard RAL epoxy powdered paints to compliment or contrast the storage unit below.