Breakout Seating

Breakout Seating Area
Breakout Seating

Providing a comfortable area for staff and visitors to relax is an important part of the contemporary office, and our Breakout Seating is the ideal accompaniment to these modern workspaces. Using a range of chairs and sofas, breakout spaces can stimulate interaction and collaborative work as well as relaxation, with comfortable seating providing an informal space for teamwork and ad-hoc meetings. At Flexiform, we can offer a range of breakout seating from our approved hand-picked suppliers plus our own best-selling ranges; Valido Lounge Chair, Valido Small Lounge Chair, Olé Wood, and Olé Mono-Shell Chair.

Alternatively, high back banquette seating works as an acoustic barrier, creating quiet spaces for staff to work comfortably. High back sofas’  help to block out noise, creating natural privacy without the formalities of bookable meeting rooms, or enclosed walls. With integrated power and data modules available for mobile devices, our breakout seating is multi-purpose, and ideal for Agile and Activity based working. Flexiform’s breakout furniture is available in various finishes and is suitable for reception, café, refreshment, relaxation, and contemplation areas.

Key Features
  • Soft seating suitable for receptions, informal meeting spaces, breakout and collaborative.
  • Range of multi-purpose chairs, lounge chairs, armchairs, sofas and modular sofas.
  • Low back, mid back and high back options.
  • Range of base options including 4 leg, skid base and 4-star.
  • Wood and metal base options.
  • Two and three tone fabric options.
Valido Chair Breakout