Sound Acoustic Panels

Wall-mounted and magnetic sound-absorbing acoustic panels

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Acoustic wall panels

Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels

Sound is a simple office acoustic solution that is designed to absorb noise within the office, helping staff to focus and be productive. Manufactured in our Yorkshire factory from a range of specially selected acoustic foams and fabrics, and with the option to wall mount or attach to the back of metal storage, these sound-absorbing panels are a great way to minimise reverberating noise from bouncing around the office. 

The Sound range is available in 5 shapes; square, hexagon, flux, pentagon, and circular, to create unique decorative walls along with 7 acoustic and environmentally friendly fabrics available in over 300 colours, to create a unique and distinctive design across all types of surfaces.

Acoustic wall panels

Key Features

Product Specification


  • Sound-absorbing acoustic panels designed to reduce noise.
  • 4 interlocking shapes and 2 standalone shapes.
  • Velcro fixing as standard.
  • Optional wall mounting fixing kit.
  • Large range of fabric options.


  • Circular: 435mm, 600mm diameter
  • Square: 435mm, 600mm square
  • Rectangular: 870mm x 435mm (high)
  • Pentagon: 410mm (wide) x 390mm (high)
  • Hexagon: 502mm (wide) x 435mm (high)
  • Flux: 865mm (wide) x 875mm (high)



  • Recycled Content: 57.52%
  • Recyclable Content: 89.40%


All fabrics in this range are acoustically and environmentally tested.  For more information please contact Flexiform. 

  • Band 1: Camira Era, Camira Lucia 
  • Band 2: Camira Quest 
  • Band 3: Camira Blazer, Camira Main Line Flax, Camira Synergy, Camira Main Line Twist

*Approximate total thickness