Task Seating

Task Seating
Task Seating

Task chairs and office seating are one of the most important office furniture products you can buy. How you and your team sit during working hours is vital for wellbeing and has been shown to increase productivity. A comfortable worker will outperform an uncomfortable worker every time, and our range has been designed with this in mind.

Whether you occupy a chair for a couple of hours or a full eight-hour day, comfort is important. Flexiform have a selection of Task Seating that blends ergonomic design efficiency with aesthetic to produce a range that is as easy on the body as it is on the eye. The extensive range includes a huge variety of styles, sizes and colours, combined with world-class environmentally friendly mechanisms and innovative ergonomic features.

‘Ergonomic seating is the simple answer to todays modern office problem; how do we make one space cater for a variety of different staff, whilst providing them with the most comfortable task specific products.’

Nadia Al-Chalaby, Interior Designer.

Key Features
  • Various shape, style and fabric options available to suit all interiors.
  • Mesh back, upholstered back and plastic/upholstered back task chairs.
  • No arms, fixed arms, height adjustable arms or height and depth adjustable arms.
  • Black or polished aluminium base.
  • There are optional seat slides, travel limiters, coccyx cutout, lumbar support, headrests and coat hooks.
  • Various mechanisms including synchronous and weight balancing.
  • Soft or hard castors for various floor surfaces.
  • Mesh or upholstered seat pad.
Task Chair