Developed by our design and engineering manager Chris Raby, the credenza showcases modern manufacturing techniques and traditional craftsmanship. The Credenza is a standalone unit designed to create a visual impact in any office interior, incorporating subtle smooth curves, designer castors, inset tops and clean lines. The Credenza visually tips the hat to Flexiform products of the bygone era along while creating classic, mid century domestic furniture.

“Our painted credenza has been uniquely designed, the basic carcass can be cladded in numerous colours, allowing the product to be customised to suit the interior design of any room” – Chris Raby

Suitable for boardrooms and meeting rooms, the painted Credenza is available in 2, 3 or 4 door units with two feet options; a designer castor which keeps the unit low at 620mm, or ‘A’ frame feet which raises the credenza to desk height (740mm), both feet are black to create a lighter ‘floating’ product.

To suit any office environment, the credenza can feature contrasting end panels for a bolder statement and an insert MFC top in a range of finishes.