Jot-Up Height Adjustable Stool

Sit/stand height adjustable stool for collaborative spaces, designed to complement Jot-Up Meet sit/stand table

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Jot-Up Height Adjustable Stool

Jot-Up Stool

The Jot-Up Stool is a modern and minimally styled adjustable stool for use with fixed or height adjustable collaboration tables. With intuitive easy-to-use height adjustable controls and a range of 530mm – 760mm, fully upholstered seat, 360 degrees seat rotation and 20 degrees +/- rocking, this office stool is comfortable and flexible to suit all users. 

Paired with our Jot-Up Meet height adjustable table in a collaborative workspace, they give the users the ultimate control, tailoring them to their ideal ergonomic set-up and allowing some users to stand, sit or perch on a stool.

Key Features

Product Specification


  • Injected polyurethane foam seat pad for comfort.
  • Fully upholstered seat available in a wide range of finishes. 
  • Intuitive design with a simple height-adjustable button.
  • Non-slip rubber and anti-squeal base.
  • UK made by Flexiform.


  • Height adjustable with 530mm – 760mm range.
  • 360 degrees seat rotation.
  • Rocks +/- 20 degrees to encourage movement, keeping staff active. 


  • Available in red, black or white.
  • Large range of seat upholstery options from Band 0-5 and Leather.


  • Flexiform Office Furniture Brochure Download

    Flexiform Specification Guide

  • black rocking stool

    Jot-Up Stool, Black

    Flexiform Red Stool

    Jot-Up Stool, Red

    White height adjustable stool

    Jot-Up Stool, White

  • Height adjustable office table and stools

    FlexiGrid, Jot-Up Meet Table & Jot-Up Stool at Highways England

    Height adjustable collaborative Stool

    Jot-Up Stool

    Sit Stand work table with adjustable stools

    Jot-Up Stool & Jot-Up Meet Height Adjustable Table

    rocking stool

    Jot-Up Stool at Government Installation

  • Flexiform CAD Block Download

    Jot-Up Stool CAD Blocks

    Flexiform Revit Downloads .RVT files

    Jot-Up Stool Revit Blocks

  • Flexiform PDF Product Datasheet Download

    Jot-Up Stool Datasheet

  • Red Plastic

    Flexiform Code: RE

    White Plastic

    Flexiform Code: WH

    Black Plastic

    Flexiform Code: BK