Mobile / Archive Storage

Mobile Storage Systems

It is widely accepted that office and archival storage and filing represents a major operating expenditure, more so in prime locations, that is second only to employment costs.  Simplified security and shorter picking routes with rapid retrieval, which lead to improved storage management and a smoother running office environment.

Both high-density mobile storage and high-density move away storage can be supplied with a wide range of shelving, cabinets and filing systems with in a variety of finishes to suit office interiors, or can be designed and manufactured to reuse previously purchased storage equipment/cabinets and match existing office decor.

We design and build each mobile unit for you.  When used in conjunction with our free filing audit you can be certain we will take care of all present and future filing needs.  

On both of these mobile storage systems, it maybe possible to accommodate clients existing storage and filing units (of different heights and widths) onto the mobile carriages. This can therefore provide high density storage at cost effective prices. This saves you money and reduces your waste and improves your carbon footprint.

Chorion High Density Storage
Mobile Storage
Bespoke Solutions

Flexiform Mobile Storage offers tailored space saving office storage solutions. We can create totally bespoke design solutions for your particular needs.  In most instances our systems will increase storage capacities by up to 80% or reduce floor space requirements by 30%.

  • Bespoke design & build.
  • Floor loading calcualtions included.
  • Modular design.
  • Manual or motorised.
  • Easy retrrieval.
  • Free filing audit prior to design