Olio Desking & Storage

Olio Desking and Storage
Olio Desking and Storage

Olio is a fully integrated desking and storage system, combining workstations and storage space into one complete, space efficient product. With its shared components, vast range of configurations, and an innovative cable management system, Olio can be built to your exact specifications.

With over 30 storage options, along with back-to-back, single, and side-to side desks, Olio can be used as part of a flexible working area to create interesting and unique spaces for both private and collaborative work. The versatility afforded by the shared components means that Olio can be reconfigured over time to suit changing needs, offering ongoing functionality and adaptability.

“Olio’s unique configurations are ideal for all areas of the office from managerial offices to large scale collaborative desks, with a mixture of traditional storage and decorative pass-through compartments”
Chris Raby, In-House Product Designer & Engineer

Olio Pass-Through

Olio is a desking and storage solution that really can be configured exactly how you want it and need it. Choose your frame, desk top, storage solution and there you have it, your perfect desking and storage all in one unit.

For more information on how to specify Olio desking and storage, then please refer to the Olio Specification Guide.

Olio Configuration Extent of Range
Olio Desking
Desking - Key Features
  • Olio is a fully integrated desking and storage system, combining desks and storage options into one product.
  • Multiple configurations, flexible for private working spaces or sociable collaborative space.
  • Suitable for 1 user to a 10 person large scale office configurations
  • Shared components, desks can be extended or reduced, versatile space as the office changes.
  • Single, side-to-side and back-to-back desk configurations.
  • Goalpost or rectangular loop leg.
  • Comprehensive cable management system with shared central cable tower which feeds cables from floor grommets up in to the cable tray.
  • Alternatively cables can feed up and across storage units.
  • High capacity cable tray for under desk power, accessible via a sliding top.
  • Cable trays have clips to hold wires in place.
  • Scalloped tops allow cables to feed through to desktop power modules or monitor arms.
  • Available workstations widths: 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm x 800mm.
  • Large range of privacy screens available.
Storage - Key Features
  • 3 heights of storage to create low social configurations or private high capacity settings.
  • Storage units support the desks, minimising leg frames.
  • Can be specified as freestanding units.
  • Large selection of RAL powder coated paint finishes.
  • 25mm MFC top with 2mm ABS edge.
  • Storage can be dual sided for access to compartments at the desk and alternative side.
  • Storage can go at any point in the configuration – for example at the end, or middle to break up workspaces.
  • Storage includes colour insert panels for a contrasting finish.
  • Storage includes combination of drawers, open shelving or drawers on the bottom with pass-through storage, boxes or flippers on the top sections
Olio Desking and Storage
Olio Finish Options Extent of Range
Olio Storage Options Extent of Range