Olio Desking & Storage

Olio Desking and Storage

Olio is a fully integrated desking and storage system, combining workstations and filing space into one complete product. With its shared components, vast range of configurations, and an innovative cable management system, Olio can be built to your exact specifications.

With over 30 storage options, along with back-to-back, single, and side-to side desks, Olio can be used as part of a flexible working area to create interesting and unique spaces for both private and collaborative work.

The versatility afforded by the shared components means that Olio can also be reconfigured over time to suit changing needs, offering ongoing functionality and adaptability.

Olio Desking and Storage

Olio is a desking and storage solution that really can be configured exactly how you want it and need it. Choose your frame, desk top, storage solution and there you have it, your perfect desking and storage all in one unit.

For more information on how to specify Olio desking and storage, then please refer to the Olio Specification Guide.

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Storage with Seat Pads
Cable Management

Olio has 3 cable management options: floor cables feed through the storage units into the cable tray, wall cables are directed through the middle section of the units and into the cable tray, and wires can also be fed through the floor grommets into the cable tower or cable spine, and into the cable tray.

Olio Storage

The accompanying storage is available in three tiers: level 1 (at desk height), level 2 (screen height), or the taller level three, to create practical and stylish storage configurations. Within these tiers, a choice of numerous internal components including flippers, boxes, pass through sections, and hinged doors, offer complete flexibility.

A storage configuration using drawers and open shelving can face towards the desk while still allowing access on the opposite side, allowing for stylish and easy collaboration. Olio storage also contains colourful inserts to match company colour schemes or branding, and internal components are available as standard for easy fitting.